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Two days after


Went for my run this morning. 6.25k at 9.2minutes per k. Not Improving much but I got there.

It was very hazy out there coming from the Ocean. Couldn't see further than 50 metres. Very humid too and my glasses fogged up. Running blind 🤓. My enemy the Schnauzer was not there. Relax. Came across a group doing fitness and stress exercises so I tucked my stomach in, lifted my chin up, smile on my face, tried to elongate my steps and look agile while gliding along by them. hahaha. This nearly killed me but I would say I did it for about 50 metres before I puffed out. Oh my God, quick, where is a bench ! nah, not that bad but it did take a lot out of me...

Near home I got woof whistled. Yes, Little old me! But then it turned out it was a friend getting his boat ready to go out checking his pots. He knew I was running and was pulling my leg. Bummer!

Still it was a good run.

I had a trial run with a bum bag but it doesn't work for me. I had it around my waist under my singlet and it felt very uncomfortable. Can't have it around my hips as I have a waist and it keeps riding up. Maybe instead of using my iPod I should use my phone directly.

Can you download Laura on a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini or something like that?

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Sounds an amazing run! I use a Flipbelt to keep my phone keys etc in. It is stretchy and does not ride up like more traditional bumbags.

nhs2015Graduate in reply to Eatcakeandrun

Flipbelt hey, I will look it up. thanks

Delighted to hear the horrors weren't there. And good for you to go back to the same place. What about an armband for your iPod? I use one and find it very comfy and doesn't get in the way.

nhs2015Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Yes I do use an armband for my iPod but I was thinking about taking my phone as well in case I meet "Alfie" the schnauzer terror. So looking at perhaps switching from iPod to phone. Or I could get an armband for my phone. One armband on each side....


I agree the flip belt is great and it stays where you want it.


Sounds like a great bite free run...and the wolf whistle gave you a lift too!

Glad you are out there and having such a great time too! :)

I downloaded stepping stone , speed and stamina on my Samsung Galaxy s3 mini.


Jaynekate, do you need to have iTunes on the phone first? Or do you download on your phone from your computer iTunes program? Or is it a straight download directly on your phone?

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