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Eureka!! I've found the answer!!

The answer to - how can my wife and I run and walk together. She likes walking (while I don't) - and she won't run!!

So - today we went out together and came home together- we "exercised" for 52 minutes together - she walked 4 Klms and I did 6.

How did we do it? -- We started walking together and when we got to the end of our road, I started to run ahead of her and ran about 150 metres ( about 1 minute) . I concentrated on "good form" and did not hold myself back too much - then I stopped and walked back to her ( about half a minute ) and continued to walk with her ( another half minute) -- then repeated it all over again for the next 50 minutes!!

It has also killed another bird with one stone for me - I want to run easy at a low HR of around 120 , but find that I cannot get down this low when running continuously without sacrificing good running form - my "running " at such a low HR is more like "shuffling". But by running 1 minute/walking one minute , I can keep average HR down to 120 and feel like I could do this for many miles!!!

This is good!!

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I fear that would drive me bonkers :)

Good for you and Mrs Bazza though.


I will only be doing this on my "rest" days -- I run every second day now (using Jack Daniels "Running for Fitness" plan) . Based on 4 runs per week ,this has an easy 30 minutes day, an easy long run day - and two hard tempo running days. I am stretching these 4 runs out to 8 days , instead of 7 by running on alternate days. So these run/walks with my wife will be additional easy days. We should do many more easy days than hard days.


Haven't discussed it yet - but she does want to walk but won't do it by herself, and I won't just walk with her ( only walking is a waste of time as far as I can see - doesn't raise heart rate enough to develop any reasonable fitness)


Hi Bazza, whatever flops your mop if it works for you , go for it , why not ?

I did get a bit confused halfway through your post as to who was to-ing and who was fro-ing though

I am sure one day Mrs Bazza will come over from the dark side for a little run though If you have anything to do with it :-) xxx


It's only me who is to-ing and fro-ing - she just walks!! :) Actually the to-ing and froing is not unlike doing hill intervals - you run up the hill and then walk back down the hill - rinse and repeat x number of times!! :)


Good indeed! It's nice to be able to accompany your wife even though it must be a little annoying to have you buzzing around like a fly!

Couldn't you just agree to walk with her in your rest days?


Walk? What's the point of walking? - my HR just gets up to around 85 - I may as well stay in bed!! :) But seriously - this worked!! Imagine running ahead of somebody - at a reasonably fast pace - for 150-200 metres , then stopping and walking back. It is just basically a form of interval training and it lasted for 50 minutes. It was quite a good workout - even though my average HR stayed in a zone that allowed me to continue doing it for quite a long time. I can imagine that the longer wife walks, will mean the longer I run!!! :)


This is a great idea! I might try this with my hubby and boys! Sounds like a great way to get interval training in!


haha! that's what my ex husband used to do when I tried to run with him. I was waaaaay too slow for him so he used to steam ahead and run back, then run ahead again and come back. Verrrry annoying!!

I stuck it for a couple of months and then binned the running....... and eventually the husband lol

Thankfully I worked out that I am a wizz at running alone - 11k at the weekend and still loving it : )


You shouldn't be so derisory about people who" just walk" - it may be all that some can manage. "Just walking" helped me to lose around 3 stone and even though you may think it too easy, health experts say that you can lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising for around 30 minutes 4/5 times a week - it's up to the individual if they want to work harder or for longer.

I say a big well done to your wife for getting up and going out there for a walk - how many would just stay in on the sofa?


Hmm -- I apologise if I have came across as being "derisory" re people only walking. I do realise that this is what most of my friends and acquaintances do - however, I personally believe that it is "not enough" for me and probably for those who can indeed do more than walk.

If for no other reason - walking does not get my heart rate or respiratory processes going very much at all (except of course if walking hard uphills) and hence does not develop much cardio or even muscular fitness for me. This is the main reason why I run!! :)


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