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Much better run :)

Much better run :)

Thanks for the advice I received from my last post where I was describing my loss of running mojo. After a terrible run last Tuesday I decided to think about the advice from the other forum members and take a break from running for the rest of the week and work on approaching running with a better attitude. So last night it was time to get back to enjoying my runs. I decided I missed the structure of the c25k programme so I downloaded the c25k+ podcasts and had a look at them all before deciding to give stepping stones a try. It was good hearing laura again and I like concentrating on keeping running on the beat, managed to run 5.3k in just under 30 mins and although it was tough I felt good and I didn't stop once. Haven't something to focus on helped with getting through the time. I think I'll do this podcast again on my 2 remaining runs this week and see how I go, I'm going to go back to 3 runs a week (Monday Wednesday Friday Luke I did on the programme) unless the weather is horrendous! Has anyone else been using the c25k+ podcasts? And if so do you use the same one or mix it up?

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I love em! I still run them as they crop up on my playlist. I would mix them up but it doesn't really matter. Do them how you wish

When I did them originally I did them in the order - Stepping Stones, Stamina and then Speed


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