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A much better run today

Well, thanks to davelinks and others I think I have got my mojo back! Went out this afternoon, nice mild weather, did my customary canal run but added a bit on as I was listening to the Stamina podcast and just felt good. When I got home I mapped it and found I ran 4.2k. If I add the warm up and cool down walks then that was 5k. And I also didn't get the pain at the top of my right thigh at the back (almost the buttock) that I've been experiencing. Does anyone else get that? I've been wondering if it's piriformis pain. Pilates seems to help it.

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Glad to see you got your mojo back😊I've struggled a bit too so you are not alone! 4.2 k is great good for you! I did have a pain & still sometimes get it I thought it was the glutes muscles but nae sure!! So I've been stretching more after run & going to Pilates which I think helps 😊 keep running & posting to keep me motivated too! Think dark nights & weather don't help!! 😊x


Pilates is good for general stretching isn't it? I won't run in the dark at all - scarcity of street lights round here - very rural 😊


Glad you are back in the swing of things :)


Thanks John! Will try another one tomorrow.

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