W5R3 Done!

Hi guys! Thank you very much for the lovely answers I received in my previous post! Due to them I was able to finish the 20 minute jogging slow and steady as it is supposed to be =D This is such a milestone to me, as last year I had pericardial effusion and it left my breathing muscles really weak, so I am really proud and thankful to this community for achieving this!

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  • Wow, that is awesome, well done. My breathing is so much better since starting running and slow and steady allows us to enjoy the run time! Week 6 is a bit of a challenge but if u can do week 5 u can do it! Run, breathe, rest, repeat - all the way to graduation - eek!!

  • Thank you! I can notice a huge difference on my breathing already, this definitely keeps me motivated to week 6 =D

  • What a great achievement. Well done you must be feeling really proud of yourself. Onwards and upwards to week 6.

  • Thank you very much! Looking forward for next challenges of week 6! =)

  • You are fantastic! Milestone run checked off the list, you should be so so proud of yourself :) Good luck with week 6, you can do it! X

  • Thank you!!! =)

  • Brilliant Diana !

    That is a major milestone that you have just overcome, a real turning point in the programme

    Onwards to Week 6 , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! I'm still impressed by that milestone! Starting to feel like a runner already! =)

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