Crossfit Open round 2

So, it's Friday again, so it's round 2 of the Open. And I may have met my Waterloo. The weights look prettty heavy straight off the bat, but the problem is going to be the double unders. I can't skip for toffee. I can maybe string together 3 or 4 single skips unbroken but I can no more do a single double under than I can fly. Hmmm. I have from now until 10 o'clock to learn


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12 Replies

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  • I had to google "double under".The things you learn on this site! You can do it. Go Rig!

  • All sounds ridiculously challenging! Where are you doing this? Good luck with it all, especially your double unders!๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah.. you can do it...whatever it is??? I need to do an IP and google it..

  • If you skip to about 13 mins on the video they actually do the whole thing.

  • That was pretty... awesome...Do you do this for pleasure?

    I could manage the skipping... maybe!

  • Good luck! Not sure what all the exercises are but I think the 'open' concept is great.

  • Well that was a pretty disastrous attempt. The skipping defeated me, as predicted. i had to break teh 50 double unders down into 2s and 3s and only just scraped the time limit on the first round and failed completely halfway through the second. Very low score, But having completed one round I get to stay in and progress to next week's, so not a complete bust.

    I really need to learn how to skip properly.

  • I am sure someone who leaps through fire and generally laughs in the face of pain, will not allow himself to be defeated by skipping?! Well done for getting through to next week๐Ÿ™‚.

  • Well done Rig on getting through to the next round. that in itself is a great achievement given what they asked for.

  • People do that for fun? A whole new world opens up!

  • Oh my goodness. I was gobsmacked just by the toes-to-bar exercise. If I tried to skip normally I would no doubt catch my foot in the rope and end up tangled in a heap on the floor.

    Go, Rig! You are amazing!

  • practising my skipping once an hour on the hour. Can string 4 in a row now. Still not very good but 4 better than yesterday. Trying to learn co-oridnation exercises at my age is a frustrating experience. Old dog, new tricks and all that. Am going to persevere and have another go at the workout on Monday morning before the submission cutoff.

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