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Couch to 5K
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Round 2

After 1 month on injury couch and 2 days pain free, I decided to give it another try. Started program at beginning on 2/18/15. Mild knee pain started a few minutes after I finished entire run. I had a great run. But just a little disappointed about returned knee pain. I stretched before and after more than usual. I used my new running shoes. I avoided heel strike. Hoping for a complete healing so I can finish this darn c25k. I've never been more determined about anything. Staying positive.

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It may be a problem with your gait? If it is, then you would need insoles to rectify and stop further damage. Might be worth a Google for a local gait analysis or podiatrist. 😊


That must be really frustrating. Marie's advice seems like the way to go.


I was dubious about doing any running having had a dodgy knee from skiing when I was 14, (46 years ago). I started wearing a knee support amazon.co.uk/Neo-MEDICAL-PA... Something like this. However, I was recommended to leg strengthening exercises to improve the muscles around my knees. After a few months of going to the gym and doing single as well as double leg presses I was able to do away with the support.

If you don't have the opportunity of going to the gym maybe the strength & flex podcasts could help?

Well done for staying positive. Good luck, it's a great programme.


Run slowly. That's the thing. The idea is to finish each run without getting hurt so stay slow. Good luck


Had new ACL few years ago, so was very cautious with starting to run. firstly go see good doctor or physio. Check where on knee pain is. (e.g. could be cartilage trapping or just needing support in shoe) I had some knee pain earlier in session ( just finished week 7 and running bit faster) I tried to always land heel first and role through foot, which stopped knee pain. Also I have slightly different length legs and got a small raiser on my shorter leg few years ago. This stopped my usual problems of hip issues with running. Only talking about few mm , but makes a difference. I recently bought some new trainers from a good running shop. Took along my heel raiser, tried on running machine was videod, given 5 pairs trainers especially for my gait, tried all combinations running on the pavement outside ( different makes on each foot, every combination) Took about 45 minutes, but have got something that works.


I'm training for marathon 18 miles knee started playing up. Help


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