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Crossfit Open 16.3

It's Friday, it's Stupid O'clock, and it's..... Cr- no, not Crackerjack, but round 3 of the Crossfit Open. And what fresh new hell do they have in store for us this morning?

Hmmm, power snatches and muscles up, as many reps as possible in 7 minutes. Looks relatively easy at first glance, but I fear that may be deceptive. I have a feeling that by about a minute in, lower back and shoulders are going to be hating this. Still, it's better by far than last week's.


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Perfect tag on your post - one word only! Good luck😠!


Haha Sandra! So apt!


Oooh I need another cup of tea......


Uum..... i don't think I'd get very far with those exercise!!so if you managed those I am very impressed!😊


I think I might just go and have a lie down. I'm exhausted from watching it. I don't think I could get 1 rep of each even if they permitted me to break all of those rules!


Victory is mine!!!

completed 7 full rounds in 6'59"!

It took 25 minutes to be able to open and close my hands enough to grip steering wheel to drive home and I think my shouders are ruined for the weekend but I am chuffed to bits with that result. That should offset my disastrous showing last week somewhat and claw me back some lost places on the leaderboard.

And now, protein and codeine...


Hardcore.., well done you must have muscles like Mr Motivator? !! 😜


I have muscles like Mr Jelly at the moment

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I bet that's not true! I love Mr Jelly, it's my favourite one of the TV programmes!! We've got the DVD!!!


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