New Park run PB - very happy

So last week I did my park run in 28 minutes and said that I was aiming for 26 minutes this week. Well I managed 26 minutes and 37 seconds, 28th out of 52. I am very happy with that, I know that next week I can do the 26.

This week I have been running after work, routine is

Monday - 7K run

Tuesday - 6k run

Wednesday - steak and chips and a glass of ale

Thursday - 1.85k swim

Friday - drive home and spend the evening catching up with the family

Saturday - Park run

Sunday - back to my 10k run and then a nice roast dinner

when I run on my own I run slower, I like running with other people!

Have a good weekend all.

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  • Nice one, alcopop. That sounds like a pretty full on schedule. I am not sure that my aged body would cope with running on consecutive days, even though I have to fight the urge to do so. How long since you graduated?

  • Thanks. Graduated 5 months ago, got up to 10k and was doing that 3 times a week, the hurt my knee so cut back for a while. Just starting on the 10k again. I am 49 and my aim is to do at least a half marathon by this time next year

  • I am nearly ten years older than you (and remember that is ten years of sloth and abuse of my body) so I will probably not push myself to that degree, although I aim to hit 10k before the end of this month, having graduated about a month ago. It is inspiring to hear what other graduates are achieving. Excellent park run times. Good luck with next one.

  • Fab PB well done!

  • I am green alocopop!! Hey only joking! First of all CONGRATS on your great success!! You are soooo good! I am 44 and I still can't run 5K under 30 minutes, wish I could do it like you! Any suggestions, hints and tips?? Wishing you all the very best for future runs!!! Keep up the good work and take good care!

  • Keep plugging away at it. I found that doing 10k helped with my 5k speed. Also when I run on my own I am slower than I am on the park run. Join a park run if you have one near you. They are free and good fun.

    Good luck and keep on running. :-D

  • Thank you alcopop, I have done few Parkruns and my PB has been under 32 minutes. Yes our local park is just 5 minutes walk from home. Now my aim is to run 10K. Once my knees don't make a big fuss when I run the 10K, I will keep running 10K every week, at least once until I am fit to run longer. Then HM!! Good luck for your running too!!!

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