WK8R1 Oh my it felt so natural!

This is just incredible. Last week I really hit a wall with WK7. Run one and two was definitely my wobble time!. I had no energy, pain on the balls of my feet and in my ankles and was terrified of completing run 3 in case I failed. I actually left it for 4 days between run 2 and 3. I managed run 3 this Monday but it was hard. However because we do not use the 'F' word on this site, this morning, and after watching Eddy Izzard on breakfast TV and hearing him repeatedly say 'I am going to do this' , on went my running shoes. I was out in the gale force winds, with my arms spread out like wings during the 5 minute warm up, smiling and enjoying being alive and living in the moment. 5 minutes up and I started my run, nice and steady. I am a slow runner but the pace felt so easy I naturally kept speeding up and needed to keep telling myself to leave some fuel in the tank for later. I could hear oldfloss saying' slowly wins the race'. This run was so different to the others, I seem to have found my rhythm and the 28 minutes was easy peasey compared to last week's 25mins. This was a 'good' run, my first run where I felt strong and confident and was able to appreciate the mindfulness of the moment with complete trust in my ability. I cannot believe that little under two months ago I could not run an inch. Isn't it incredible how quickly one's mind and body begin to scribe the activity. Certainly for me each time I run my mind and body has lived up to the challenge. It is like becoming a couch potato in reverse. The less activity one does the less your body an do. With the C25K the more you do the more you can do and more. I have found my VavaVroom! At 54 and very overweight (lost 9lb mind since starting C25K) I am getting what I set out for 'a new life'. Thank you to everyone on here, reading your stories and seeing how supportive everyone is, is just so powerful.


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7 Replies

  • VavaVroom! Love to hear you've found the rhythm and the ability to run and enjoy it, rather than just run in the hope you will some day enjoy it. Wonderful post, thank you!

  • And thank you for posting, it is inspiring to read about the success of others! I have to say I did run 2 of week 7 this morning and found it really tough - you've inspired me to not fear run 3. I'm 53 and very close now to my goal weight, kind of hoping I will graduate C25K and hit my weight loss target at the same time, but strangely enough the running is my principal focus. Keep going and keep posting.

  • You are right on my heels. Keep going too, everything will just happen naturally for you very soon. I look forward to reading about your progress.

  • Absolutely superb! Brilliant post - go you! Sounds like a fantastic run, you're really going for it now, very, very well done. :)

  • This is wonderful :)

    A great post and a great run... I love the idea of a couch potato in reverse :)

    You are doing brilliantly and getting so close to the finishing line.

    Keep it slow and steady, follow the plan and you will get there :)

  • Wow amazing:)

  • that's an inspiring post thank you I do my W1R3 tomorrow :-) your post will spur me on

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