W8 R3 ✔️ so a tentative but excited hello to my graduation week 😬

It was a beautiful cool and breezy morning and I felt (for the first time in this 11 week journey ) relaxed and happy at the start. I had the usual achey legs and I did feel tired and my breathing was still heavy but somehow, in a weird way, I managed to enjoy it.

When the last five minute marker came up I just told myself to just keep going and so I completed my second 30 minute run - Wow! 😀

Gosh! Tuesday I start W9. Who would have thought? It seemed an impossible dream when I started this lark and was almost crying in frustration and pain because I couldn't run at all!

I know we all say it, but it is truly incredible isn't it that we start this programme unable to run a minute and a few weeks on we are running 30 minutes?

My challenge is continuing, as I still have to graduate (planned for next Saturday) and during the month of September I have to run 14 thirty minutes runs at the speed and distance I am currently doing in, order to achieve my sponsorship target for the British Heart Foundation - that's three a week so in line with C25K.

My C25K journey will have taken 12 weeks and so now I have to be much more disciplined about running days and days off to get them all in. That will be tough for me 😬 but they are all in the diary and now I am less frightened of morning running , that will play a part....so thanks to everyone who wrote inspirational posts about their morning runs 👏 it was you that got me out there.

Three runs a week for the next 5 weeks - scary proposition but this red faced tortoise is going to give it her best 🐢

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone and happy running 🏃😄


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  • Great post and I am sure with your determination you will be here this time next week asking for your badge 😄

  • Fingers crossed x

  • Enjoy your graduation week and your 5 week challenge should be amazing. Just keep that lovely steady tortoise pace going and you will do it. How can you not with everyone here cheering you on 😀

  • Thanks OldPossum !

  • Well done! So close to graduation; happy running to you too.

  • I know , sooooo close 😄

  • So please you're starting to enjoy it. I think our enjoyment comes even more from the amazement at our achievements as we near graduation. Tenacious tortoises we are! 3 x 30 minutes will seem more and more doable the more you do it. Looking forward to your graduation run post :)

  • Like the sound of tenacious tortoise 🐢

  • You'll be fine ☺ Anyone who gets this far has ALREADY conquered their own personal Everest. You will keep going on - maybe "slowly" but certainly steadily ☺ Well done you Runner you! ☺

  • Thanks John - that's good way of looking at it 😄

  • Graduation here you come! I'm on your heels, I'm starting Week9 on Tuesday too, and experiencing similar feelings of amazement at the progress made on this programme. Wishing you the best of luck with the BHF fundraising runs. As Laura would say - you've done all the hard work, you can definitely do it. 😊

  • Fantastic to have some running partners this week! :-)

  • Just done week 8 run 3 too. I found it hard to get up for some reason but eventually left at 8.30 and there was a nice breeze. I ran around the edge of the grassy area near my house for a couple of minutes and the gremlins were saying "why not stop now, just give up and go home!?"

    I found it hard to get my rhythm going but decided that I wasn't going to give up so carried on. After seven or eight minutes it got easier. Why is that, I never understand why that happens??

    I planned on running for eight songs which brings the time up to about 32 minutes but then didn't feel too bad and so ran for a couple more.

    It's strange to look back on ourselves as we started week one trying to run for 60 seconds and just about managing!

    My knee always seems to ache about an hour after running though. I do the warm down walk and some stretches.

    Well, onwards to week 9...

  • That's great Simmypie and yes it does get easier - maybe that's why we give it that extra few minutes at the end!! And you are right - looking back is strange but we are runners now 🏃and only 3 more runs to our graduation - I'm out Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week - good luck with your next runs 😀

  • Thanks Kate you too! I might catch you up a few days later.

  • I know you will 😀

  • How do i put emoticons in by the way??

  • If you are on your phone via the keyboard - same on PC I think - I'm on a mac and have access to them via my screen - I'm no techie!!

  • :-)

  • Aha! I see! Thanks Kate, will you marry me?

  • Actually that seems a bit inappropriate so apologies for my sense of humour. I'm tempted to go for another run tomorrow, although I know I shouldn't really and should have a rest day but this is getting addictive.

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