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W5R1 arghhh cramp!


I knew it was going too well! I planned a slightly longer route as there is more running. This meant the second 5 minute run was slightly up hill. I just shortened my stride, leant slightly forward and aced it. The third run was the downhill and was going really well ... until the final minute ... cramp in the calf! Still, nothing broken ... except my pride!

I'll try again on Friday ... and make sure I drink more water during the day.

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Well done anyway!

Onwards.. and upwards..(without the cramp)

Yes, water throughout the day..brill! :)

Madcow62 in reply to Oldfloss

It still hurts - must be a pulled muscle. Fortunately I can still walk!

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to Madcow62

Oh bad luck, maybe you just need a bit more rest? Strangely running downhill seems to cause more problems than running uphill. I'd think about leaving the uphill runs till after graduation if the geography of where you live makes it possible to stick to running flat.

It's still hurting today do I guess it's a muscle strain. My achilles tendons have always been quite tight. It may have been the return downhill that caused the problem. I'm not due to run again until Friday - if I can't jog I'll just do 30 minutes brisk walk or maybe go to the gym and use the cross trainer. I'm trying to stick to fairly flat areas but I got bored with going round the same block!

Thanks for your support!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Madcow62

Oh dear..I had the achilles problem..tore mine some years ago..I wear an ankle support to ease any strain.

You go steady...and don't run until you are sure you are better.:)

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