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Slowly slowly catchy monkey....


Had stomach virus so have had to start WK3 again.... Funny it seemed worse than the first time I think Week 4 might take a while to get to... The last 3 minute run I was passed by to snails and a slug but I got there. Over the weekend I wanted to see some other runs I could do to make a 5k run. I have just bought a Moov and don't use it at the mo for running as I like the feedback I get from Laura.... So I decided to take the bike but used the Moov App oh my word how annoying a robot American accent telling you to move down a gear no motivation at all! Must have looked crazy as I was cycling up a hill and she came on again to tell me to "Change down " to give me a better experience and me shouting with what breath I still had that I was in the lowest gear!! And to shut up!. So I will just take every day as it comes very engcouraging to see that other people are having problems as I am. It's nice to know I am not alone 😥

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Many of us were overtaken by tortoises at your stage. And we're not much better now (well I'm not), but we loved it and that's the point. Speed comes later, so I've been told.

Enjoy your runs!

I usd to run with the Zombies, Run! app, for a bit of fun sometimes but had to stop because I would inevitably 'get into arguments' with the 'radio instructions from base', which must have made me look/sound completely bonkers as I was trotting along.

I wouldn't worry about it feeling tougher resuming - it often feels like that for the first couple of outings after a few days off, but as soon as your body has clicked back into game mode you will find yourself back up to speed (although keep that speed down).


I told Laura to "have sex and travel" as my dear old Dad used to say a few times...

Good for you OldPapaBear (love your name).. :)

having a virus takes it out of you so don't worry if you feel like you have lost a bit of fitness. You are doing the right thing by progressing slowly and doing some cycling too...

Hope you are taking rest days in between though as Laura suggests because your muscles need to recover.

It took me several months to complete the program as I repeated some weeks

and didn't feel any pressure to hurry....taking up running at my age (55)

Crack on with week 3 and you will begin to notice that you are managing it a bit better each time, once that virus is completely out of your system. x

OldPapaBearGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks for that I had DOMS a couple of weeks ago because I did a run one day and cycled the next! Still thinking I'm 25 and this is 'I ran the World' what a day that was and how I ached after doing the 10k in 38 minutes! Now I would be happy to do 5k in that time!

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to OldPapaBear

You will. :) I think the virus left you a bit weaker and was maybe not yet entirely out of your system and anyway we all have good runs and less good ones. You'll know that if you were running 10k in the past.

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