C25B450 - Extra day of yr for wk9r1

C25B450 - Extra day of yr for wk9r1

What a beautiful day! Can't believe I'm on Wk9, how did that happen? Lovely to be out by sea early morning, there was frost on the peaks of sand blown onto the road. So I get to Wk9 and get new ache in right knee, what's that about?! Relax, relax, relax.

But I'm slow! Just started using Runkeeper and am only getting to about 3.9km in 30 mins. Disappointed, so I must remind myself that 9 wks ago I couldn't manage more than 100m without stopping! Overtaken for the first time this morning and Old Floss's words floated through my head "slow and steady wins the race". Do I look bovvered?!

And in the shower afterwards I was thinking "well even if I "only" run 10km a week, that's 520km a year"! Not too shabby! :-)

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  • That's not slow - it's quite common to graduate with a speed of 3.5 k in 30 mins. It's only the real naturals who are closer to 5 k in 30 mins. We can build up and speed up when we graduate. Or we can just potter round and enjoy our new found skills!

  • Really?! That's perked me up, I assumed most people were around the 4.5 - 5km when they graduated. What I based that on I don't know, bloody gremlins in my head again telling me i'm the slowest, just like at school! Thanks for that Jayseeskinny. I think my next goal will be 5k in 30, but without much pressure. What about you? I like the idea of pottering around!

  • I still don't run 5knin 30 minutes, started at 43 and without trying, just because I run regularly it is down to around 32 minutes but that is without trying to go faster. I am more interested in staying injury free and increasing distance but speed improved too. I think at 52, I am happy with my speed now, I like to plod on and on! Julie

  • Indeed - it sounds like you are doing just great ! And what an inspiring place to run!

  • Yeay.. go you.. you are doing brilliantly.

    The ache in the right knee is me, giving you a little pinch, because you are by the sea and it looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had the fields,this morning, but I really fancy running with the scent of the sea and the wind and the sand, lucky you!!!!

    Stick to my mantra... slow and steady; it does work doesn't it... and you are so nearly there:)

    What a lovely day to run on... and only two more to go, sweetie!

    Can't wait for your next post...:)

    Not too shabby at all :)

  • I was a bit pre occupied with speed, and was trying to do too much too soon, but i dropped the speed a little a few weeks ago and ive just completed my 4th 30 min run now, a little ahead of schedule.

    Im even road running now, its so addictive, such a great program!

  • Well done, it is the run time that is most important. I graduated 26 weeks ago and speed and distance will come naturally but only when your body is ready for it. Running 3 X 30 mins a week will result in significant health improvements. I just did 30 mins after I graduated until one day I wanted to keep going and managed 5k in 43 mins! My legs were ready for a bit more. Then I wanted to do 3 X 5k and did that for several weeks because it is a challenge to run that far for anyone.

    Nowadays, I do 2 X 5k and a longer run once a week. I did 11k on Saturday. My legs are tired and were a little achy so no further for now and I try to run on soft ground as much as I can too. Relax and enjoy where you are, when your legs are ready and your breathing is good, just a tiny bit more and build on that. Who wants to run fast anyway, you would miss all the scenery LOL! Julie

  • Hi Bels, FAR from shabby, you're doing brilliantly and JaySee is spot on, don't be disheartened at all by your progress, I think it's the minority who are closer to the magic 5 at graduation and the majority of us work up to that at our own little pace after. :)

    What a gorgeous place to run, you're so lucky! (I'm with Floss on the jealous pinching! ;) )

    I'm right behind you, starting Wk 9 on Wednesday... go us!

  • You've made me feel loads better too! I am on Week 9 Run 1 and according to my fitbit I ran 3.45K in 28 minutes last night but I'm not sure how reliable that is. I keep thinking if I can reach the 30 minute mark then I can just keep running for 30 minutes at a time until I FINALLY reach 5k. Got to happen one day, right?!

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