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Measuring your distance - what do you measure and how?

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At the moment I'm measuring from when I start my warm up walk to the end of the podcast and I track my distance using afterwards - how do you do it?

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I am using the postcasts on my htc smartphone. I also have endomondo installed which tracks where you've run using GPS and the times. Its free unless you get the pro version. I have been starting it when I leave the house because I am interested in how far I go but I'm only on wk5. When I get to the long runs I'm going to start it when the run starts because that's the bit that's important.

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Hey theactualsarah - thanks for replying!

I'm on week 5 too - completed podcast 1 this evening - :) I was thinking of doing the same - at the moment I can cover 4km easily in the 30min podcasts - I'm really hoping I can run the magic 5km by the end of week 9! Good luck with your running!

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TheActualSarahGraduate in reply to Ali_Sonrisa

Hey, Congrats on doing run 1, this is the exciting week :) . Lol I used to cover 4k at the start but now I have dropped to under. 3 with my slow pace. It sounds like you'll be on track for 5k though. Good Luck x

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I tend to jump onto Google Maps when I get in from my run and measure my distance approximately using their distance checker. It's not overly accurate I don't think but reasonably so.

I don't like the thought of taking my phone out with me (keeping is secure whilst running is a concern) but tempted by a GPS watch to track this properly.

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TheActualSarahGraduate in reply to mrqwest

On you can actually mark the route. Is that what you're using?

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mrqwestGraduate in reply to TheActualSarah

Pretty much although I do it direct through google maps ( - I run on roads so it's a case of distance from start to finish. I'm a bit dubious though so I'll be taking my phone with me on the next run - I've ordered an arm strap today.

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TheActualSarahGraduate in reply to mrqwest

Hehe I'm a scaredy cat so I take my phone, but I have an arm strap which has been good. First 3 weeks I ran with it in my hand - that was scary!

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I use Endomondo on my phone. I track from the beginning of my walk to the end of running. Thinking of just tracking the running now I am approaching week 8. Would be good to know how far I actually run.

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I use once I was up to week 8 I started mapping my runs from the point I started to run (not including walk) that way it gave me a better idea on my true jogging distance covered. Also stopped the map route when I stopped jogging. I used a road junction for a true guide. From there I just extended the end as and when I managed to run further with the extra time given.

I also use a stop watch so if I had a bit more go in me I would keep on running, that way I managed to cover the 5K before I had graduated, it takes me about 34.40 to do now.

Good luck with the rest of your program.

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I'm a Garmin girl and pour over all the stats, graphs and other goodies. Its brilliant but pricey (£150 on Amazon), fortunately I got mine for my birthday otherwise would still be on run my I start at the beginning of my walk then hit the lap button when I start running and again when I finish, then stop at the end of my walk. This gives me the total distance and calories as well as the real pace and details just of the run with splits (I have the Garmin 410 HR which has 1km autolap).

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Garmin 110 for me - it's brilliant and I have to admit I get very nerdy over the stats! ;-)

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I use endemondo to track my running and run it along side o2's healthy. I use the o2 app to track the whole route including the warm up and cool down.

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