The fat man runs (AGAIN!)

12 months ago this programme got me up and running. I couldnt believe it, nor could most of the people who knew me! It was great to really surprise myself for the first time in a few few years :)

WARNING! It didnt last (no surprise there then) because i ignored advice and went too far too fast as soon as i finished the programme. DONT DO IT. I was able to run 10K two weeks after completing the programme WOW! However soon started to have problems with legs and unable to keep up my three runs from june/july, last run sept 2011. (a shin split injury is no fun)

It has taken 3 months rest to get my legs (well left leg) back ready to run.

Restarted C25K in Jan 2012 & now in week 3 (1 run to go). So far so good, breathing much improved from 1st time around so fitness hasnt been lost completely but legs need the slow steady build up to get back on track.

****** Below is highlight from 1st time round. Looking forward to repeating this run in just over a week:******

"Cant believe I've got to week 5! Now believe i am going to get to week 9, legs/ knees stopped hurting mid week 3, breathing settling and able to run for 5 minutes at a steady pace without collapsing WOW.

Would encourage anyone to take this up. Cant believe how much i look forward to my next run, feel great when its done and now starting to enjoy it when i am out. Fab to be told you are half way through a run and know you have enough energy left to get to end!!! This morning even the rain didnt stop me, in fact it was another new experience to add to my list "first run in the rain" living in scotland expect this to become the norm lol!

Doing this as part of a drive to improve my health: weight loss so far 23lbs, gut now 7 inches less than before and confident that by next thursday i will be running for 20 minutes non stop!!!! Couch 2 5k has been an important part of a great start to 2011.

If your thinking about it go for it! What have you got to lose? (I'd 4 stone- now 2.5)"



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17 Replies

  • Hey Bob! Glad to see a familiar face over here in the new place!

    Keep up the quality work.

  • Not sure the word "quality" applicable! But i am back at it :)

  • Great post Bob :)

    I guess what is brilliant is that you know the programme works because you've lived it before. I'm on week 4 and currently a bit uncertain as to whether I can run a long way without a break, but the human body is marvellous - if you slowly increase the stress on it, it will rebuild and repair and get you fitter. I'm relying on science to get me through LOL.

    Well done on getting back into running :D

  • Just heading into week 4 myself after a horrible run (wk3 rn3) this morning :(

    Had a few beers last night and v limited fluids yesterday otherwise! Decided to head out this morning feeling a little less than fresh. Legs complained bitterly the whole way round, good reminder that healthy living is not just about having a run!!!

    Note to self: Sparkling water = fresh legs & Beer= miserable run

  • Hi, I loved reading your post, so true to think you can just go for it when your body isn't quite ready, I will heed the advice and not overdo it after I have finished week 9. I am currently on week 6 , well I start that run on Monday and I have to say I'm looking forward to it! Never thought I'd ever say that! Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to your next post x

  • So you've done Wk5 Rn3, my favourite run! Good luck with week six, by that stage i had started to believe i would get to the end (1st time round) unlike the first few weeks when i couldnt imagine running for 30 minutes.

    You've not too long to go now. Go girl!

  • Thanks for advice Bob. Assuming I make it to week 9 I'll bear it in mind! Softly softly catchee monkey... ;)

  • Your welcome! Pity the advice comes from bitter personal experience ;)

    That said i can still remember how that first 10K felt - looking forward to my next 10K run (after slow gradual build up this time!)


  • Oh my goodness, week 6 run 1....why was it harder than week 5 run 3? Doesn't make Sense! I came home and ate a pukka pie!!!! I never eat such things but it was needed let me tell you. Oh well, I shall carry on and not give in, The fling I get afterwards is enough reward for me. See you soonish! :)

  • I found this aswell & couldnt understand how I could run 20 minutes on my last run & this one was soooooo hard to finish. dont worry, it should get easier from now on. X

  • Putting of next run for a day :( as have some discomfort in left heel (achilles). So week 4 starts tomorrow!


  • Oh no I suffered Achilles tendonitis recently, not nice, rest it and ice pack it. Also those lovely big pink pills 3 times a day are a must!!! Hope it heals soon :)

  • I remember week 6 run 1 as being very very hard. wk 5 run 3 was elation for me and then the next run was so hard. I also found that this was about the point where my running started to interfere with my hunger self control.

    I haven't really got over the hunger self control - too much exercise and I can lose control completely. I have to make sure that I am in a pie free zone before running > 5k.

    I think the reality is that if we are dieting (as I was) and we take it too far then we get too hungry. The secret is to keep everything in balance somehow. If I do have a blow out after a long run these days then I don't regret it. I just keep on with the exercise and more sensible eating the days after. It is even plausible that too many calories with exercise might help build muscle strength and discourage the bodies metabolic slow down.

  • Wk4 Rn1 done :)

    Second half of the run was better than the first, enjoyed this run feels like a good step up from last week. Next run frid.


  • Hey all, Just done week 6 run 3 and it was hard! I did it though (only stopping once to stroke a cute dog) Took me ages to cool down afterward but feel fabulous now. No pie eating either ;) May have a nice curry tonight as It's Friday though, Too much healthiness all at once isn't good for me as I always give up due to being bored of dull, boring diet food!

    Anyway week 7 is looming, Almost at the end of the programme....what then?!!xxx

  • Only managed one run last week :( Birthday last week (43) so now 43 ,fat & fed up!

    Problem was motivation NOT leg! Extremely peed off with self.

    Week 4 starts again this week (tue,thur sun)


  • Aw Happy birthday!!!! Don't be daft just do your best this week!!! I'm not looking forward to my first run of week 7 today :(

    Good luck tomorrow .It's a whole new week!

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