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Sharp stinky pain in knee


I was on my week 6 of running with 1 week of two 3-4 day breaks (common cold). I did my W6R2 and 2 days after I had an acute pain in my (so called healthy) knee (I had problems with the other one before, but different kind). In the beginning it felt like the joint want to pop into the right spot, like it would lost its allignement, but it couldn't. The pain was horrible for 4 days during going downstairs, squating, and 1 evening even during bending my knee in bed. I didn't find any reason for this pain. I take supplements for joints (JointCare Max - 1 tablet & 1 capsule per day for a long time now), as a protection and assistance for the other, more problematic knee.

I did a break due to this issue, it's almost a week now. I will monitor my knee today when I deliberately use stairs. As yesterday I think my knee didn't hurt, or so little that I don't remember. I know you're not doctors and even if you would you haven't examin my knee. But, would you suggest going back to running this weekend or wait few more days?

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To answer questions I would ask:

- The pains is in front obthe joint, jist behind patella (in the top edge of it), like I would have a huge neddle put there.

- I have strong legs, I hiked last 3 years a lot, I am (irregularly) doing strengthening exercises for my knees incl, climbing stairs (more recently) - max 12 floors up&down (that was built up gradually).

- My diet is well balanced with a lot o healthy fats, quite a lot of proteins.


My knee is not swollen or hot. It was maybe a little bit warmer (but I could imagine it).


Not a medic but I would ice and elevate and lay off if still painful. Listen to your body first. And I am not a great taker of painkillers in these circumstances but medics often tell me I should do so - I would for a good night's sleep but not to enable me to run, incase it did more damage.


Thanks for quick reply. My knee is not hot or swallen, so no ice needed. And pain stopped after getting far from stairs. I ises to take painkillers for my other knee ages ago, and I believe it's not necessary now.

I wasn't doing nothing but resting for the past 4 days.


Ice is recommended for any injury of this sort. It might not be swollen on the outside but there could be swelling inside the joint. It is unlikely to harm anything.

Best bet is to see a medic.


Ok, if I will feel pain again I will apply ice, as advised.

I hope the pain is gone now and was wondering when can I go back to running. 1-2 painless days?


Take a walk... see how it feels... gentle and slow...maybe slip in a little jogette..but you will soon know!

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Walk, even fast, is ok, no pain whatsoever.

I will try to have a small jogette today (small jog to catch green light today was painless, but it was sth like 100 yards top).


Nope. Not until you've seen a doctor, who may refer you to see a physio and/or may want to see an xray of your knee.

Sounds a fair bit like patellar tendonitis but could be a number of issues around the area.

If you ignore it and it run with patellar tendonitis, or a meniscus tear, or any of a number of other things that could cause sharp pains in the knee, made worse when bending it under load (you mentioned coming down the stairs) then you may be heading down the path to knee surgery.

The cartilage in your knees, and there should be a lot of it, can not regenerate itself. Tear it off, and it's gone.

See a GP before deciding what to do next.


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