Got all wet again this morning!

Got all wet again this morning!

Just sweat this time, wasn't raining for one of my sessions for the first time in a long time. Perhaps the weather gods have decided to give me nice conditions so I complete quicker and get my "lycra look" indoors before I inflict it on too many people. This morning was week 9 run 2, a gentle breeze and the sun was out, almost like spring!

Run went really well, was feeling good all the way so decided to keep going after the 30 minutes and make sure I complete 5k so I can at least get a time on the board as a marker for future runs. 33 minutes 57 seconds is my time to beat, secretly quite pleased with that, but dont tell anyone.

Graduation run will be Wednesday evening hopefully.


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  • Excellent run Andy, and well done for pushing on for the extra 3:57. Here's to a great graduation run on Weds!

  • Take care! You don't want to get hurt!! Beating and chasing times comes down the line when your legs are like girders. It's so easy to get carried away, and new runner's legs/feet/ankles/knees aren't strong enough to withstand the rigour until you've had time - usually 18 to 24 months, to build them up

    You don't need to push beyond the limits of the session to reach 5k. It's not a time trial or a race.

    Having nagged you to death, I have to say well done for keep getting out in all weathers to complete the sessions. Glad to hear that you managed to stay dry at last!

    So, everything crossed for Wednesday's Graduation. Pom poms and fizz at the ready. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

  • Take care Andy pushing for times, it's where injuries happen...

  • Btw Andy, good luck on graduation!

    And how much weight have you lost now? I see you had joined slimming world and up until 2 months ago had lost about 4st. I have no doubts you are doing mighty well, going by your success with c25k๐Ÿ˜€

  • As of last night I have lost 5st 5lb since the start of June last year. I can highly recommend slimming world. Not a diet but a way of life.

  • Excellent Andy! Being a tad larger than the average guy, it may be worth making sure you have enough Cushioning in your running shoes...

    As well as controlling the rotation of the foot and ankle, running shoes vary in the extent to which they cushion the foot as it hits the ground. Good cushioning is important because it reduces the shock that is transmitted through the foot to the lower leg, knee and hip joints. As well as reducing the risk of injury, cushioning improves the comfort of running. Heavier runners, and those doing big mileages on roads or pavements, should ensure that their running shoes have sufficient cushioning.

    However, cushioning makes the shoe heavier, and because it absorbs energy it can reduce your running efficiency. For most of us the effect on performance is imperceptible; and the benefit of more comfort and safety when running more than outweighs the loss of performance. But some runners will also use racing flats for important races (see below).

    Different manufacturers have different cushioning technologies. Some use pockets of air to absorb impact; others use gels or spongy plastics. You should try these for yourself and see which you find most comfortable. I personally donโ€™t believe that pockets of air are a good way to cushion shoes (air is very hard to compress) so I use shoes with EVA midsoles.

  • Thanks Dave. This place is excellent for advice!!

    I am planning on buying a decent pair of running shoes this weekend from a specialist running shop. I am planning on building on the program, possibly work towards 10k over the coming months.

  • Thanks for the advice about pushing for times everyone. I will try not to, but I am a typical man when it comes to being competitive. Can't always help myself, even when competing against myself. My main aim is still to increase duration and distance though so will probaly restrict the 5k time to park runs. I have today registered with Park run, first one will be 12th March though. Other commitments the next two Saturdays.

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