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I'm back, but have I been doing it wrong all this time?

Been a while since I've blogged. By chance I ended up with Stamina on my iPod... not what I was intending but decided to keep with it as I'd already done a 5 minute warm up, it was dark and I wasn't in the mood to try and find the right thing!!

I run with very short steps and have found stepping stones and stamina too slow for my stride, but for some strange reason I decided to lengthen my stride a little, I know, I know, you aren't meant to, however I have to say I found it a lot better... not easier certainly as it was hard work, my thighs were seriously aching and sadly I could only manage 20 minutes the first time. Two more runs on I have managed to complete 30 minutes, with aching thighs but feeling so much better about my running.

Who knows, next time I might manage the full 35 minutes :)

So I've now reinstalled stepping stones onto my iPod and going to give that a go this week also, even if I do have to increase my stride again to run slower..... I know it doesn't make sense to me either :p

I'm back and feeling better about myself, especially after joining Weightwatchers last week in an attempt to reduce the excess weight which I couldn't move on my own. I will get back to 5K - plenty of time before Race for Life in July which has now been booked. Now also to get back into the walking as doing 14 miles in Walk the Wight in May, which has also been booked.

I have been re-inspired by some of the blogs here so thank you for giving me back my confidence to get there :)

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Good to hear from you Sharyn! Glad you have got your running mojo back; I think it has a lot to do with this time of year :(

Well done on giving these podcasts a go - I havent done so yet as they dont really appeal to me but maybe I will at some point to help with my longer runs.

Good luck at WW too! ;)

Sue x


Good to hear Sharyn. I was going to email you to see how you were doing. I am thinking about the restart now. I drove 10 miles (I know, not a lot of mileage) on Saturday, and my knee stood up to that, so hoping I can restart the running soon. Certainly not rushed things, as not worth it.

As you say Sue, a lot to do with the time of the year as well. Do the Stepping Stones Sue. If you do exactly as Laura says it's good, but if you are listening to her and thinking that you really don't want to do it this way it's not. Defo listening skills required. I liked the speed best, but got a real thrill of conquering steps. it was the stamina that caused the injury (avoiding a rather large dog as well).

Good luck with the Race for Life and the WW Sharyn :-)


Thanks Colette. I think when I can do all my 3 runs each week in daylight then I will give them a go. At the moment I dont want to do them after work in the dark as I want to be aware of what is around me rather than concentrating on the podcast and then when it comes to the weekend I just want to enjoy a nice run in daylight so I think that is why I have been putting them off :O

Glad your knee seems to be on the mend and you are certainly doing the right thing by not rushing things; too many do and then end up paying for it :'( Spring is a nice time to get yourself going again and with snowdrops out now it cant be far away surely?! :)

Sue x


Thanks Sue. You are quite right not to run in the dark-more prone to accidents then, especially with a new pod.Yes, I think spring time will be the best time to get going again. Clocks change Easter morning-31st March. Our son gets married on Easter Saturday (his sister did the same!). I think that is the week I shall aim for :-)

Colette x


Oooh a lovely spring wedding to look forward to! :) What a great new start for all!



This is an interesting point - after trying out the Speed podcast I've been thinking about cadence. I think Speed gets you up to about 165 spm whereas I'd heard that 180 was what you should be aiming for. Increasing cadence should tend to avoid overstriding. I'm thinking of some treadmill sessions using a metronome app to count the beat, just out of interest. This is an interesting article:

And to think, when I started the C25K program I thought running was simple ! ;-)


Welcome back! I think the C25+ podcasts are excellent! Good luck!


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