Anyone awake?

I am lying on my sofa as the middle of my back went into a spasm yesterday when pulling up my trousers! I got through the day with 3 ibuprofen and an early night. Now awake and in a fair bit of pain. I did wk1 r3 yesterday morning which was quite hard as mainly all uphill and headphones packed in. Really gutted as can now barely move - any advice on back spasm relief as want to do Wk2R1 Tuesday. Just taken 2 Ibuprofen and would like to get some more sleep as 4am!!


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11 Replies

  • That's terrible timing, I'm sorry to hear it. I don't have any advice on back spasm relief, but my advice is to NOT push through the pain if it isn't better by Tuesday. It's frustrating and you want to get back out there, but better to wait it out than make it worse.

    Also, try to find a new route that isn't uphill? In the early stages adding a hill to your run isn't helping you any, especially if you aren't used to regular exercise. The hills can come later, when you're used to running.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • Yes just back from a wet 10k!!!!!! Look after yourself

  • Don't rush to start the next trial. I suffer back trouble & if possible go to a physiotherapist. Your back will repair sooner with such treatment but there is a cost on the amount of visits required.

    Anyway, recover first. Good luck.


  • Hi. It's the most awful pain, I know. If it doesn't ease then you need something to attack the spasm and some industrial strength painkillers which only your GP can prescribe . Your best thing is to walk - slowly and very gently, but walk as much as you can. It won't be the running that caused this but long term wear and tear.

    I had back problems leading to 2 ops and starting off walking led me to begin running and now less that 2 years later I'm stronger than ever. So do what you can to keep moving and see the doc ASAP if it doesn't ease quickly.

    Good luck!

  • Hi there Manthy, sorry to hear you're in pain. My experience of back spasm is you should rest, take something a bit stronger if you have anything (like co-codamol) and wait until it's better. When my back does that I can't move, let alone think about running, and I end up having 3-4 weeks off work until it's OK again. Even if it's not that bad you should rest and not aggravate the problem because your back is trying to tell you something. Your muscles are spasming for a reason - they're under stress. Common advice is to alternate cold and warm packs on the area and keep mobile if you can. Going for a walk would be better than trying to run. I hope this helps. Take care :-)

  • Hi Manthy, sorry to hear about your back :( I'm just going through back problems at the moment as well. I'm seeing my chiropractor which helps a lot - it's not cheap, but it's quicker than the NHS and has been more effective than the physio they offered. She has recommended regular icing as well as anti-inflammatories, plus regular changing of position and gentle walking. Hope you get better soon.

  • Go to the doctor.

    Anything which causes you sufficient pain as to render you immobile and sleepless i not something to get an internet diagnosis on. If that degree of back pain was brought on by running 90 second intervals, then you definitely should not run again until it has been looked at by a properly qualified medical professional.

  • I suffer from recurring back pain and I agree with those who advise not running until you are better. It is frustrating because you want to run, but most likely more running will aggravate your injury. For preventing this from recurring I find core strengthening exercises like pilates for the back can be really helpful.

  • Sorry to hear you're suffering.

    Check your posture when you run. When I started I would get back ache caused by leaning forward too much. I notice i tend to lean over more if I am walking uphill too.

  • Thanks for all your support guys. Back still sore - ranging from niggle to full on spasm depending on my position - standing actually better than sitting or lying down. Decided to leave Wk 2 until back less painful as dont want to make things worse. If not better by end of week in will go and see a physio. Fed up as it seems every time I try to do something to inprove my fitness my body gives up on me. I joined a beginners running club last year and got up to running for 20mins when I pulled a muscle in my buttock which took weeks to heal and I lost my motivation. Trying again and now my backs gone!! Maybe I am destined for the couch!

  • Never give up, never surrender!

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