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Hi everyone, I graduated in December. I'm now doing my running in a gym and I love it! However, I have very painful calfs after running that lasts through the night and I hobble when I first wake. As soon as I start running, after a minute it has eased completely! I am taking ibuprofen most days which helps completely. My question is, is it okay to continue as I am or should I do something differently? Maybe ibuprofen gel instead? I'm running most days on the treadmill, a mixture of running/walking 5k and 3k, minimum of 15 min running each time.


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  • Hello! Yes, you should be doing something differently! The ibuprofen is taking down the swelling, which would be a response to damage. Pain is your body telling you something's not ok. Muscle pain is usually fine when you're trying to build it, but chronic muscle pain is NOT good! It might be a lack of potassium. Try eating a banana every day (it helps for me!) or other potassium-rich foods. Another cause of this pain could be a pair of worn out shoes. They might be comfortable, but the support and impact cushioning elements of the shoes might be worn out. I hope this helps! :) Good luck!

  • Are you stretching proerly after your runs? Have you tried using a foam roller?

  • Thanks for the replys! The shoes are brand new lol downshifter 6 so they're fine. I will eat a banana everyday and seek out some decent stretches and see what happens :-) I did forget to mention I have collapsed arches and a very big accesory ossicle (extra bone) in my foot which I'm sure is impacting in some way! Thanks again

  • Try these stretches after every run

  • I concur, try the stretches after the run - as a person who was prone to aches and pains in the legs - they definitely help. Also, don't neglect to do the brisk 5 min walk at the start and finish of your run. Oh yes, do the stretches as soon after the cool down walk as you cn when your muscles are still warm and pliable.

  • I believe from your post you are running most days on the treadmill. I would maybe take a day off and see if the if the pain is any better on that night, if it is then it's running related. Try the stretches after the next run and take another day off after your run. If it is still no better seek some advice from your gp. Some bodies are not used to running every day and require some rest. I hope you get to the bottom of it.

  • Agree with the stretches and the idea that you may not be getting enough recovery in between sessions. Also new shoes can mean an adjustment period as they can change the way you run, small changes can have big impact. Further considering collapsed arches et al you may need to consider to see a specialist re the kind of support your foot requires if any, and whether your current footwear suits.

  • Thanks all and for the stretches I'll get right on them! I've got inserts made that have completely stopped the shin splints I used to get before :-) I'll take the advice and see how I get on- thanks again everyone much appreciated !

  • Painkillers only work when your muscles are at rest so just take a couple last thing at night before you turn in to sleep

    I would deffo have a rest day between runs, or even a couple, at least while you are experiencing pain. You might be doing too much running, and cross training might be the way to go to build your body up to support your running, eg walking, cycling, swimming. Being as you're in the gym you could do some strength work and cardio, dance etc

    I hope you feel better soon x

  • I'm using the gym for the mental health benefits and stress at the moment so I'm gutted at the prospect of cutting down the running as I kinda really hate doing the other things I find it so tedious ! I'll try the suggested advice and see what happens- and I've been taking ibuprofen at night which has helped a lot :-)

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