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Completed successfully yesterday. Did a different route which meant I had a really steep start to the first walk, then most of the runs were on a slight down hill slope or flat. I did notice that the downhill runs hurt my shins a little (but only whilst actually jogging and now lasting effects). Also that my feet really slap down hard when going a little down hill - not sure if that is normal?

I also went a bit too far so I had an additional 8 minute walk at the end of the podcast 5 minute one to get home. I guess that's not really a problem, I kept it reasonably brisk so felt like a bit of a warm down.

Run 3 tomorrow evening - still in the dark. I refuse to run in daylight whilst wearing running togs that give me the shape of a snowman :)

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Hi Maggie :-)

Well done! The shin thing and the feet "slapping down" all sound very normal.. As you go on you may get all sorts of little aches and pains - unless it's really *really* bad then it's just your body getting used to this new activity.

Take it easy and carry on :-)



Thanks @V☺

Good to know what's normal as I have nothing to reference yet. I am very surprised that I haven't been aching the next day but I think it will come and bite me at some point

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