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What a miserable Friday night, pissing rain and about 3 degrees Celsius but I still made it out. Managed to stick to the jogging/ walking times instead of jogging for longer which i did on my first run but some how managed to travel a further distance?? Im going to put that down to me hungover on my first run and sluggishly jogging.

My phone had ran out of battery half way through but before it happened i managed to time how many lamposts i jog past in a minute and how many i walk past in a minute so was able to stick to that for timing, not the most accurate but im sure it will do.

Was puffed out at the end again but now that im home and in front of the tv im feeling fine and im not immediately tight like i was after the first run.

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Do hamstring stretches and the ones you pull your heels up to your bum after a run and it will take away any muscle tightness. hold each of them for 10-15 seconds

I think having the motivation to get out the door in bad weather is a good indicator of people who will have the dedication to stick to the program

well done

Well done for getting out there! From a treadmiller. 😉


Well done.

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5...


Bad weather is cooler and less people out and about 😂


Well done Hidden, actually getting out for run 2 and with the terrible weather is no mean feat. Sorry to hear about the phone battery, mine did that to me somewhere in week 6 (I think) but fortunately I knew approximately when to stop. You're right, it will do just fine. You are not racing here, it's about the exercise. And the fact that you're not feeling tight is a good sign that your body is already starting to adapt.

Look forward to seeing how you get on :) All the best, Neil

p.s. Don't forget to warm down properly! 5 minute warm down walk and some stretches will be great

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