Muddy Hill run

Muddy Hill run

Went for a run up a muddy hill today and took some photos! Almost fell over several times in the slippery mud and had to stop for a few mins at the top to catch my breath but it was great fun running down :) 30 mins and only 3.7 km but climbed 101m and given I had to hop over a few styles and practically slid down some of it I was quite pleased with myself.

Keep at it everyone! Need to do some deep shoe cleaning now..

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  • That looks lovely! Did your little dog run all the way with you too?

  • Yes! I can only run with him when I'm at home in the holidays, but he is such a good running companion- he's kept up on several 6ks and is pretty fit given he's 12 now! miss him when I'm back in London, but it's not as practical to run with a dog there..

  • That looks just perfect !

    Your little dog is sooo sweet :-)

    Well done to both of you xxx

  • the bottom right hand path looks amazing - where is that - if you don't mind saying...?

  • Up a hill to a disused windmill called halnaker windmill, near Chichester in West Sussex. Pretty isn't it? I love taking pictures down 'tree tunnels'

  • It is very pretty, I love those kind of paths - a bit too far away for me to explore tho, I'm up in the North West

  • Looks even nicer in summer with dappled sunlight down it

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