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6.5k trail...and I even huffed and puffed up a hill🙂!


Cannot tell a lie, the going was tough at times today! A day later than planned due to 'life' getting in the way. It was a run of sticky mud, puddles and a very marshy field plus a couple of hills to try and strengthen me up! I also managed to get myself caught up in a bramble at one point (note to self: Try and stick to the paths!) However, it was still gorgeous to be running through the Surrey countryside and my aim was to work on my hill 'technique'😮. Of course the great thing if you choose the right hill, is that lovely feeling of ambling down it on the other side - what a relief! Back home to hose down my very lovely trail shoes and enjoy a flapjack and hot cup of tea☕️! Happy running!

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Sounds like a great run... I too have been out in mud and rain (with dog) on a 7k mission...although when I got to a short but steep hill I was going so slowly it was not possible to tell if I was going forwards or backwards. Trail shoes are on my wish list as my feet are soaked and my lovely shoes are caked. But what fun! Now the dog is flaked out and I'm enjoying that lovely smug feeling. I don't often get out in daylight but it's half term and I'm going to make the most of it 🤗

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to shinyhappy123

Good for you! It is such a good feeling afterwards isn't it? My trail shoes still let water in (only the gortex ones don't but then you have the issue of water not draining out again when it goes over the top of your shoe) but I do have some waterproof socks which keep my feet warm and mostly dry! 🙂

OldflossAdministrator in reply to shinyhappy123

Superb... how good to know we are all out in the mud and mire and really having the most brilliant time.

Your run sounds wonderful...soggy feet excepted... squishy socks not good...

Well done you!


Truly wonderful...go you!!!!

The run and your trail looks simply amazing..

You really tested yourself too.. and even tried out the brambles as well... very brave!!! :)

Your trail shoes are indeed, a sight to behold... Brilliant! :)

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Oldfloss

I think they look more beautiful when they are muddy...really sets off the pink and raspberry colours!😉


So true.. husband washed mine after my muddy run on Friday.. they looked like new...I was almost embarrassed to go out in them, in case folk thought I was someone pretending to be a runner!!!

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Oldfloss

I always wash mine!! I set off like a new runner..and come back looking like a pro!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sandraj39

Never thought of that! 😉


Looks fab place to run :) have yet to venture off road , well done sandra character building hills to, you are superwoman :)

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Slow_Rob

'character building'...I like that!🙂 I shall use it as my mantra next time it hurts!

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

I am more at the cursing phase haha


Fantastic Flying Sandra !

Well done to you xxx

Looks like you've found your niche with the trails , up to your wotsits in mud ! Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to poppypug


Wow - beautiful place to run and sounds like you had a great challenge. Well done 👍

Yay! Cant beat a bit of muddy trail. Although "ambling downhill" doesn't sound a good thing. Let gravity be your friend and bound down those slopes like a fell-hopping mountain goat.

The water/feet issue is not addressed by waterproof shoes or socks - these will only trap mositure insid and keep your feet wet, cold and chafing. Get shoes with side mesh that drain water out quickly and socks that wick moisture away. You cant keep the water from getting in (especially as some of it is produced from within) but you can get it out again asap.

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Rignold

Oh yes of couse, I meant to say I was just like a fell-hopping mountain goat, of course I was! 😮My trail shoes do have mesh sides btw, so I drain quite well! Socks are either ordinary and soggy or Dexshell waterproof which are pretty good. Haven't come across water wicking socks? Thanks for that.☺


Well done Sandra, I was out this afternoon tackling a hill in Addington Surrey, what a stinker of a hill! nearly 90deg incline! Was playing up on my calves, even when up on the toe's! still I need to keep doing them to build stamina.

Will get a photo on if I can, but not easy when shared from someone else..😊

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to davelinks

That sounds ridiculously tough Dave, well done! "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" I guess!

well done Sandra! :) sounds like a job well done to me! and looks like a really pretty route! i'm a bit fed up with myself tonight as packed rucksack and gear to run after work, and just before i set off there (after dropping dog at my dads)realised i had missed putting my leggings in bag! so no run today and i had a new good route planned. Pah! :X

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to aliboo70

Very frustrating Ali - hope you get out tomorrow ☺


Love the photos, just the sort of place I love to run, like a mini adventure. Even getting muddy is amusing at 52!! No one to tell me off though. Hard work on uneven ground and tripping over the brambles but lovely soft ground is gentle on the knees

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to JoolieB1

I think it takes me back to my childhood too! I was a bit of a 'free range' child!

The 'hard work over uneven ground' aspect, whilst indeed hard work, is where a lot of the benefit comes in: no two footfalls are quite teh same and your ankles and knees and hips, core and everything move in all directions and at all angles, which is tiring, but much better for your mobility than the monotonous regularity of road running, or even more so treadmill. The other thing I find is that on trails I am just 'in the moment', the terrain dictates the pace and I am not concerned by distance, speed, splits or any of the other stuff that preoccupies me while running on paved surfaces.

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to Rignold

Totally agree..it where I find my happy place!

Hmmm flapjacks? Haven't made any of those for a while... that sounds like a great run Sandra :)

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