Creeping up...6.5k and counting😀

Creeping up...6.5k and counting😀

Lovely run today - fields, woodlands and a fair few dog walkers on the old railway line! Even managed to take a couple of photos (quite rare for me!). Gradually pushing that distance up now and the 6.5k felt really good. If you'd told me last Christmas I would be running 6.5k, I would have laughed...😄. How things change! Give me a muddy track and I'm off these days!🏃🏻

Hope everyone has a good week😀

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  • well done sandra! that looks a pretty route!! and 6.5k is a great distance! :)

  • It really is lovely. Thank you😀

  • I know it is madness, just a few weeks ago, 5k was so hard and now my distance is creeping up slowly, loving the track you ran, hope it wasn't too slippery!

  • Parts of it were slippery😮, but I went carefully and it all adds to the fun, doesn't it!

  • That is amazing. Comfortable 6Ks!! Good for you Sandra. I'd love to get that far.

  • Oh yes, I love a nice 6.5K too! Lovely place to run by the look of it xx

  • Brilliant Sandra, that looks such a lovely route to run !

    You are doing soo well , and long may it continue . You will manage that 10k race, no problem :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy. Some days (like yesterday!) I think I will make it. On the harder runs I just think "10k Sandra? Really? You're having a laugh!"

    Gotta have a goal though haven't you?😀

  • You will do it Sandra,youve lots of time to practice and youre doing it the right way by taking it steady .

    Keep going ! :-) xxx

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