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W6R3 done!

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This plan is absolutely fantastic. 6 weeks ago the thought of running for a few minutes was daunting and now I can do a steady 25! It was absolutely fine too which I'm delighted about.

I'm really excited about the next 3 weeks and working up to 30. It seems completely manageable now I've got this far. 25 to 30 can't be that bad...surely?!?

This year at work me and some of my team have been working on weight loss and now we've decided to set our sights on a half marathon next September for our 2018 challenge! Unbelievably I'm very excited about this and eager to keep on going. If I stick to the plan I think I should be able to run 10k by Christmas (just!).

Thanks to everyone on here, your support and encouragement. People don't really like it if you go on about your running really but on here I've got lots of like minded people that are happy to talk about it as much as I am!

Time for a bath and a G&T! Happy weekend all!

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Congrats that's a great achievement! The longer runs without the interval walks are very rewarding. You've kicked the doubt gremlin into the long grass too which is a key thing at this stage. Good luck with the rest of the programme and the distance training, sounds like an exciting year ahead!

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hilsryGraduate in reply to lardofale

Thanks lardofale

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Wow. Thats fantastic 🙌🏻 That's so good to hear. Posts like this inspire me to believe I can run for 30 minutes too.

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hilsryGraduate in reply to TJMazz

If I can you can!

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ejvcrunsGraduate in reply to TJMazz

Yes! Yes you can. Amazingly, incredibly POSSIBLE.

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It is amazing, isn't it?

Weeks 7-9 are about keeping your motivation up since you are just running long runs and every week slightly longer. So get yourself a new playlist or new app or new route or something to look forward to, and ideally something that you want to continue after your graduation (which as you can now see is kind of inevitable as long as you keep going out there).

Great job you!

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Oh well done, that's brilliant. I'm just 2 runs behind you, did week 6 run 1 this morning, and I can't wait to move forward, but we must have our rest days, right? :D

All the best for the rest of the programme, you can do this! Actually, WE can do this!

Take care! Neil

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hilsryGraduate in reply to Hidden

Yes we can! Here's to a few days off an another run on Monday!

Actually it is you who is fantastic. It is us who are fantastic. It is this amazing body we have all been gifted with that is fantastic. The programme simply reminds us of a bit of what we are capable of by pointing the way to structure and consistency. Which is fantastic.

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Hidden in reply to Rignold

I still think it's the programme. I have had this amazing body for a very long time without doing any running. Without the programme and the park run motivation I wouldn't have done it or kept going after.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rignold

So true Rig x

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Very well done confidence is high now and so it should be, you'll soon have the home straight in your sights

Keep enjoying and remember slow and steady

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Grin, smile, run.

Keep grinning, keep running, keep smiling.

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Slow and steady and you will make the 30 minutes in Week 9... very well done you :)

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I second the G&T

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