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W1 R2 harder than I thought!

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So, the second run was more of a challenge than the first! Came very close to stopping about two thirds of the way through but persevered and completed it. Just about! I was surprised, as I thought it would be easier than the first. Onwards and upwards....

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Well done!

There are all sorts of reasons why a run may feel harder, and no real way to pin down exactly what caused it. But you kept going which is the main thing - that mental stamina will serve you well!!

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You have made a good start which is all that matters ! Make sure you have the rest days in-between. To be honest they were probably both equally as hard you will not have got fitter after just one. Maybe partly psychological you expected the first one to be hard and therefore was easier than you expected the 2nd you expected to be easier but was actually just as hard (if you know what I mean) Anyway well done for getting off that couch !

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Well done for completing the run :) would we really want it easier ? The sense of achievement and pride at over coming something that pushes us is far greater :)

Keep going 1 more run and that's a tick against week 1 :)

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Well done you. You kept on going, despite everything, brilliant!!!!

Life is full of surprises... pesky hills, running gremlins... but you will defeat them As you say, onwards and upwards! :)

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I've found a number of times that the second run of a week has been more difficult than the first. I think ridingstar has probably hit the nail on the head.

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Hi! I just completed same run tonight. Did you do the same route as the first one? I was going to but changed my mind at the last minute. I would say it was just as hard as the first.

Well done for getting through it. I think sheer will power to keep going is a massive deal 😀

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CeltprofGraduate in reply to barmybint

Thanks! Yes, it was the same run but at a different time of the day and on less fuel (food!) than before. All makes a difference! Roll on Thursday for W1R3! Good luck and thanks for the encouragement. We'll get there in the end.

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AncientMumGraduate in reply to Celtprof

That's the spirit. Good luck with r3 :)

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Many other things can contribute to how you feel during a run, such as how well hydrated you are, how well you've eaten beforehand (or even if you've eaten too much recently), how rested or tired you are etc. but after all these factors are considered, I still found that the second run of any week was harder than the others! I think the first one was exciting because I'd started the week, the third one was great because I was about to finish the week, and the middle one... :D

Good luck with it all. Press on, follow Laura's instructions, and happy running :)

Me too! I did W1R2 today and found it less enjoyable than the first. The comments here about the second run of the week being hardest make sense so that's encouraging. Let's hope R3 makes us happier. Good luck!

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CeltprofGraduate in reply to Cushion

Will let you know how I fare tomorrow on run 3! Looking like sleet/snow round here but I'll be out anyway. Good luck on your third run too.

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Cushion in reply to Celtprof

So how did you get on? Mine was better than r2 but wonder if it will ever come naturally. Still, at least we're trying right!

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Completed week 1 yesterday which came with a sense of pride! R3 was fine, even if I did come across some unexpected hills which made things more challenging. However, have food poisoning now! I should be fine for W2R1 on Sunday, fingers crossed! Good luck in week two!

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