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I am on week four of C25K, however I have found I have needed to complete extra days in week 3, before feeling ok to move on to week four. Is that ok? I have just started week four - managed day 1, however again I think I will need to do more than the normal three sessions before being able to move on to week 5.

Hope that makes sense, I'm not worried about how long it takes me to get to week 9 / graduating the programme, but just worried Im hindering myself.

Many thanks, H


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8 Replies

  • Hayley, you are only racing yourself, only you know how hard you can push, but when you do complete each run, all those endorphins are all yours! you earned that smile, you earned the burning thighs.

    The programme is very good at setting just the right increments to be achievable, so try and stick to it but if you do have an off day think of it as a practice session, and be proud of the fact that each step takes you closer to your goal, I think most of us repeated some runs, we are all different. well done so far.

    Keep posting and when you want some motivation, just look back through your old posts and see how far you've come. well done.

  • Thanks Paul. That is a great way to think about it.

    I can always complete the sessions and never not done what the app says to do, but I then get panicky about moving on. So, Ive only just started week 4 and im already thinking about week 5 and that I won't be able to do it in a weeks time.

    I'll keep plodding on. I can certainly see progress :)

  • It does n't matter how many you repeat...just keep at it.. Some runs do feel harder than others mine certainly did! And for no apparent reason. Just take it slowly and you will get there. I had to restart 3 times I think due to a range of things but got there in the end as you will😊

  • Totally upto you , we are all different.

    The program does work as it stands , so if you complete a run you can move onto the next and so on.

    The mental side of this is just as important :)

    Have Faith in the program and belief in yourself and you won't go far wrong :)

  • Just do as the others say.. do what is right for you. Slow and steady and you will get there... :)

  • Hi there, I was exactly the same in the first couple of weeks of C25K, I repeated a couple of W1runs and a couple of W2, like you managed each run, but just didn't quite have the confidence and fitness (I thought) to move on... Since then I've just repeated just one fluffed run (W6R2) and somehow managed all the others... It works, building you slowly but surely up - even if some of the jumps look impossible, you will do it! :)

    Try super hard not to look too far ahead about what's in store... At the start of W4 I don't think a single one of us thought we'd be able to do W5, but you CAN and you do by the time that comes round and you've completed the other runs.

    And what everyone else said! Take your time and if you feel you want to repeat for your confidence, do it... but if you finish a run - No stops/unscheduled walk breaks - you really did truthfully smash it and should feel proud and confident in yourself... It means you're ready for the next one :)

    Well done so far, you're doing great! X

  • Hi Hayley, I think Paul has given you some very good advice and agree with what he says.

    I felt the same as you and wasn't confident about moving on and I know I repeated the runs 5 3 5 3 runs quite a few times, mainly because I was enjoying being able to do it with ease.

    It meant I took longer to get to graduation but it doesn't matter how long it takes you are still out there enjoying your running and being successful.

    Good luck you are doing brilliantly. :)

  • Wow thank you all for your support and helpful advice. I'm obviously over thinking things.

    I always thought I couldn't run, but actually I'm loving it. I love the feeling afterwards and the sense of achievement!

    I will continue as I am. And eventually I will graduate ;-)

    Thanks everyone xxx

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