5K to Couch!

Oh no! I've gone from running 5K back to the Couch! I have just lost the ability to get up in the cold dark mornings and head outdoors. I started C25K last April at the start of lovely weather and bright days. I even took my running shoes with me to Cyprus in May to continue my running plan. But I honestly find it soooooooo difficult to get outside when its so depressingly and horridly cold and hideous!

My contract finishes tomorrow and I've got some time off work for a while, so I'm gonna try and get back to it after Christmas.

Has anyone else found this time of year difficult? Hope it's not JUST me.

Toodle pip!



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32 Replies

  • I feel exactly the same I did the prog with friend and we used to meet at 7.30am so that meant I had to get up But unfortunately she is having break just now so i I am on my own I was 40 mins faffing about this morning before I forced myself out door So cold on face for first 10 mins then next 10 felt I really wanted to stop -- but I didn't and felt so good at end I enjoy seeing the way the light changes in morning and feel better all day for having run Think just have to have talk with yourself and say I will do it -- you know you will be fine once out there Good luck

  • I have started running to workthat's only time I do early mornings ,one week out of two . I lay my running gear at the bottom of the bed , get out of bed ( zombie like) go straight to bathroom , out of bathroom on with the gear , trainers on , half a banana mug a tea & I'm off . Don't sit down because if I did I wouldn't do it , the car would take me lol . On my week off I prefer 10 am ish & I agree it's hard getting out when it's cold & horrible . But I feel once you have completed the run it's worth it & I allways feel good about myself .

  • Thank you for your inspiring words. Tis appreciated!

  • I'm gonna have to get my SH** together aren't I?!

  • Oh NOOO!! You, of all people, are not allowed to wimp off like this. We HEED you to inspire us all! I am one of those people who tend not to feel the cold, but I do admit to finding the weather very taxing at the mo.

    Do you wear enough clothing to keep the cold at bay? I wear a compression vest, which helps, I also wear some amazingly unglamorous compression shorts and do not get quite so cold. In the summer I was longing for the winter. You know what they say? - Be careful what you wish for. I thought running in the cool would be a lot easier than it is proving. I guess a lot of our calories are used up just keeping us warm!

    I have just read the book 'Run Fat Bitch Run' by Ruth Field, (99p on Kindle special offer of the day) Possibly a tad patronising for blokes but got a few ideas to help you to get out. In essence we just have to seriously bully ourselves - we know that really don't we?

    It is hard to creep out from under the duvet - but imagine how great the satisfaction you will feel once you succeed!

    Hope your Mojo comes back very soon! It certainly is a difficult time of year!

    Time for a good strong talking to yourself I'm afraid!

  • Agghhh!! Beek! No pressure on me then! hahaha!. I will sort it out, don't you worry.

  • I have found it hard going, that and I have an iron issue that is making running distances hard. I personally think my muscles don't like the cold weather too much either. Now that I have singed up for my triathlon, I have to keep going or I won't be ready by august. I have signed up for 4 months in the gym. That's a strange feeling running indoors but it's sort of helping me get my confidence with distances again. I suppose the thing that is keeping me going more than anything is I haven't the time to learn to run again. You have always sounds such an avid runner I am sure after a few weeks you will wonder were the doubt came from. Happy running

  • I hope so RFC. Just wanna get me mojo back innit?!

  • Wassup? A'rt Nesh? (Google it, if unfamiliar). Seriously though, it IS much harder at this time of year. Dark, cold, short days - it's just harder. But we do rely on you for light relief so pour yourself back into those thermals and get out there. You'll like it [eventually] when you do.

  • I'm sure I will OldNed. Thanks for your kind words of wisdom.

  • Go Dan Go - just have a little run when you are finished and in the daylight to get a bit back into it. Know how you feel as I have become very lax -but the last couple of weeks forced myself out for just 20 mins of an evening and really enjoyed it when I do.

    I am sure you will get the mojo back, specially when you calm down from your work contract - think of the little dogs chasing you.

    Have a great Christmas - is the tree still standing with the 2 young whipper snappers in residence?

  • Xmas tree has been attacked by said kittens but with minimal damage. One of them climbs up the inside while the other punches the baubles! It's hilarious!

  • We can't wait til after Christmas!!! Get out there and give us a Dan adventure, we're missing you!

  • You are too kind IDT. Have a splendid Christmas.

  • I have difficulty too or did at first but there is something extra special about beating the elements. It produces an even bigger smile than arriving back from a fine daylight run. My husband tends to have a little worry fit when I go out in the dark but even he understands when he sees the beaming face on my return. Out there and beat that wind, rain & darkness. You are in charge.

  • I'm all for beating wind! Ooh er.....:-)

  • Naughty!

  • I hate the cold and dark too!

  • It's not just you Dan! I appear to be hibernating (isn't that what tortoises do at this time of year, even turbocharged ones?)

  • Me too........not just you.

    December 21 is the shortest day, so I'm banking on the days getting longer soon!

    I'm giving myself a good talking too and have devised a running plan starting Monday 6 January.....stops me beating myself up and gives me something to look forward to after all the holiday festivities ...

    Merry Christmas x

  • And a merry one to you to gypsydepp! I'm gonna give myself a good talking to. After Xmas dinner...

  • Yes - I find it really hard. Trying to push myself to do it and win 2 out of 3 times I think! Longest day tomorrow so getting lighter soon!

    Viki :-)

  • Oh, I wish it was the longest day! :)

  • See these short days make my brain freeze!

  • Shortest day - longest night!

  • Hey, I am currently experiencing the same issue....I have been good thus far but for the last week my body just went into shut down mode. I am trying my best to fight it and also planning on getting out Christmas morning ....will keep you posted how that goes.

  • Please do! I think Christmas morning is a good idea.....

  • Go for a run on Boxing Day at 9am, a load of us are. Should be light, and not to cold. Go for it, we are missing your blogs.

    (BTW - looks like I am the only one who likes running in the cold dark mornings (well at dawn)).

  • Hi Nerdio. Boxing Day sounds better than Xmas day. I think I may take you up on that one!

  • Hope Santa brings you some Mojo........I don't do mornings just can't get up and out and even if I did i can't handle the fight for the shower on my return, so I run I. The evenings it's cold and dark but a great way to unwind from a day at the office.

  • Even panthers struggle at this time of year ( they don't like it dark and cold and prefer being curled up in front of the fire purring)... I have really slacked off but I'm hoping for some panthering today if my breathing is ok ( I have a bad horsey allergy and had a nasty asthma attack yesterday after Amarissa got back from riding lesson). Go out in the light that helps... And you must give yourself treats, lots of post running treats!

  • I got complacent after moving home and the winter weather turned me back to the couch. However, recent blood tests showed that my pre-diabetes had been reversed (due to all my hard work exercising and healthy eating last spring and summer) and so I have started the programme again with my first run yesterday morning. My improved health has given me the motivation I needed. Wrap up warm and just get out there - it's great when you get home from a run. Good luck with your own re-motivation. Best wishes.

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