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Ahh, hello and goodbye to my bogey run. I'm doing C25K for the 2nd time and W6R1 was indelibly etched in mind from last time as being a real stinger.

Pleased to say it passed without a hitch on Tuesday night, and tonight I'm going to cruise W6R2 (when I say cruise I mean suffer every step etc etc).

I loved the first time I did C25K, the personal achievement I felt, the weight loss I enjoyed and the overall feel good factor was amazing - and to confirm, it's just as good the second time around. Bring on the solid runs!!!

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Well done. Nice photo. Looks like a lovely place to run.


Well done on the run!! And for not falling off the cliff!!


Welcome back and well done IanIW! 👍😀

Brilliant Ian, good for you! Argghh W6R1 is hideous isn’t it? So innocuous (it seems), but a pesky little thing! Bet you’re glad it’s behind you again! 👏👏👏


It is a head**** that one... well done for nailing it again.

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