Wk5 run 3 Totally ****SmAsHEd****

Wk5 run 3 Totally ****SmAsHEd****

Can I start by saying Laura I totally love you, you beautiful woman. Well everybody >>Free tax for runners<< :) I didn't just complete the run I totally smashed it to pieces. Woop woop, so much so the police in Cumbria are looking for a man dressed brightly clothed 6'4" practising to be a fog horn.....:)

In my picture the house to the left a woman came out and asked me if I was ok as I was jumping about whoop whooping and throwing fists left right and centre. I told her what had happened and she patted me on the back and said well done hows that for the general public :)

So can I say thank you to everyone for all their support and a big thank you to Laura my bestest running buddy and juicyju for her blog which inspired me so much to start and carry on your fantastic Ju to you all for the comments over the past 5 weeks just for everyone and myself " IVE ONLY GONE AND BLOODY DONE IT :) !!!" I may only be human but I feel like superman at the moment.

So............. Bring on the next stage cause you have a tiger by the tail and he's running :) :) :) :) ;) :)


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68 Replies

  • someones a little bit happy there Jase :D really well done ,doenst it feel so good to do that run :D

  • I would say totally awesome rob cheers

  • Fab photo Jase and great post. Can just imagine you jumping up and down! I'm thrilled for you. Enjoy that feeling.

  • Thanks IP it feels really wonderful at last. Panicking over nothing

  • Aah look at you! That is a fab post, and well done you for doing that run. Your joy and excitement is just spilling out and you should be very proud of yourself. I bet you cant wait to get out there again superman. x :-D :-D

  • Cheers no excuse I feel on top of the world today. Nothing can dampen my night thanks for all your support x

  • Well done Has, it's a great feeling to nail that 20 mins run doesn't it and you certainly nailed it. Enjoy your success and keep on running🙌🙌🙌😁😁😁.

  • Thanks J A I'm going out for a curry and a bottle of wine to celebrate.

  • You're right to be delighted at that one, that's the biggie! Will the tiger catch the panther? Watch this spot!

  • Eventually if nothing else but to shake a paw :)

  • Yay jase! Well done that man, can feel that exuberance shining through your words. Congratulations! :) knew you could do it :)

  • Thx Aliboo for having faith in me. When I did feel a bit out of steam I just thought of u lot and off I went :)

  • Us 44 yr olds are made of determined stuff eh? ! Have a great celebration :)

  • Sure will thx

  • Mere striplings!

  • Fantastic well done Jase enjoy every minute of your great smashing of w5r3 that's the hump done. Take it easy and don't forget to stretch

  • Thx GF stretches done. Showered and off out for a meal to celebrate now

  • Ha ha you nutter. The men in white coats will be along shortly! Well done hunnibun!

  • Thx use it. I feel fab for it :)

  • I N C R E D I B L E ;-)

    What a feeeeeeling !!

    Well done :-)

  • Thx Caroline your right it is a great feeling

  • Get in!!!!!

  • Cheers rob

  • Excellent. Well done!!! It's a great feeling isn't it!!!

  • Just the best in the world

  • Glad you heard me kittykat lol. What a feeling I'm still buzzing now.

  • 🍜☕️ is this ok for now :)

  • Sure will I'll send you a flask 🍶

  • Way to go, Jase!!

  • Why thank you too dear lady. I is totally there now :)

  • Ha ha ! No wonder your sons didn't want to run with you with you making all that ruckus in the neighbourhood !! Very well done though, I hope you can now see that you WILL be able to get to the end of the programme now. You've earned that curry today...

  • What a great post!! Fantastic picture, it has made me smile. Good luck for week six, I think you may catch the bug if you go on like this or is it too late? What a great start to your weekend

  • I am hooked it's to late now :)

  • Well and truly bagged!! Great stuff Jase :-)

  • Thx Andy

  • I think your post says it all!! Bring on week 6 !!!

  • Yes bring it on I'm sooooo ready now

  • Well done that man! I must admit to much punching of the air when I reached that milestone :) Well done mate, all the best to you.

  • Thank you for your reply I'm lovin it

  • So no tears then !!!! Change yr name to Cumbrian tiger?? Great post. Well done

  • Would do but I live in North yorkshire lol.

  • Wow, there is soo many Yorkshires on this forum, next .... World Domination :-D xxx

  • I'm a midlander by breed thou lol. It's a forces retirement home up here

  • Whoa, that smile is so bright , I need to put my shades on, * puts shades on * Ah thats better :-D

    FAB stuff Jase !

    You nailed it , you grabbed it by the scruff of the neck, twirled it around your head a coupla times and then threw it over your shoulder ha ha :-D

    Have a great night, you have overcome a major milestone there.

    Onwards to Week 6 ! :-) xxx

  • Cheers poppypug I is lovin it

  • Congratulations, Jase. Well done. Great photo, too!

  • Angie not my best side really after 20 mins of slogging but loved it to bit thank you

  • Go Jase! I love that picture - it just says it all! won't be long now before we're reading your graduation post.

  • Oh yes graduation is just over that there hill now. Can't wait

  • Well done, WK5R3 is a great one to get in the bag. You will now be thinking that W6R1 is a piece of cake. Don't be fooled, start it gently and you'll be fine, but dont go charging into it thinking its an easy one. We all get surprised by W6R1 ;O)

  • Cheers zev I will take my time

  • Nice one Jase, great effort.

  • Cheers Matt great feeling

  • well done Jase. That was a blast. Hope you enjoyed your celebratory slap up dinner

  • It was beautiful miss wobble well earned thank you

  • Fab, fab, fab, well done

  • Thank you thank you thank you :)

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you for letting us share this with you.

  • No thank you all for being there

  • That is just fantastic, well done. Go you

  • Thanks E

  • Fantastic you. It is amazing isn't it. (I love Laura too - hands off, she's mine!)

  • Looks like we will have to race for her lol

  • Ha, ha. You're on! BTW, I've been on a downer in wk6 - but have just completed the 25 mins of r3. Just saying this in case you feel down wk 6 too so you're not surprised. Keep your spirits up after the high of wk5 and in a weeks time, you'll be at wk7.

  • Sure will buffy cheers can't wait

  • Jase I thought you'd at least be PLEASED and happy you conquered W5/3?.....!!!! J O K E!!!!!

    Bloody well done mate and what a fabulous neighbour to come out and congratulate you like she did. That'd never happen in London. They'd call the police and you'd be arrested for being in possession of a loud top. That said though, keep up the great work and we'll hopefully see you in London next winter at the LWR 10K?!

  • Sure hope so Dan. It looked like you had a great time too

  • YES!!! You're a runner now! Well done. Keep on running, bud.

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