Unplanned muddy run...😀

Unplanned muddy run...😀

Having run on Friday, I wasn't planning on running again until Monday. Have kept my last few runs down to 5k after developing a bit of a niggle in my right leg. Happily, all felt great after Friday's run and so after reading Juicyju's inspiring post this morning, I just had to head out for a muddy 5k on my own lovely local trails! Still very wet and muddy in places and just a beautiful day - windy, cloudy, sunny and all very exhilarating! Puffed my way round in just under 30mins which is the fastest I have done that run! so happy, happy me😀.

Hope everyone able to run has enjoyed their runs this weekend, despite the weather in some places. And healing vibes to all on the IC, hoping you'll be back out there soon.🙂

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  • Fantastic ! Well done Sandra, you are going great guns !

    Oh that looks such a lovely place to run , Im well jell ! Ha ha :-D xxx

  • It is lovely - I'm very lucky🙂

  • That sounds fab Sandra! What a great time too especially in the mud. ☺ x

  • Thanks Noaky, love a bit of mud!

  • Sounds like a great run and a looks a lovely place to run , well done :)

  • Thank you☺!

  • If the pic reflects the course, well jealous! Well done, sounds like you had a fab run.

    I'm out again tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be better.

  • Yep, that is part of my run☺!

  • Looks lovely - so nice to get out there isn't it!

  • well done sandra! I love trail running too!!

  • thats a great time Sandra ! sounds lovely, well done that girl :)

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