Pretty Muddy 5K?? 😳

Feeling a massive sense of achievement after just completing W6 run 1, started out and was faced by loads of runners in a 5k race! So I joined in! All shapes, sizes, speeds so it made me feel so much more comfortable at my steady slow pace. (I turned a diff direction after 8 min run tho) I'm doing race for life Pretty Muddy 5k in 3 weeks and now I'm panicking I won't manage, my friends run a lot faster and I'm worried I'll let them down, even although we are doing this for 'fun'!?!! I hope I have enough energy, I'll be very near the end of the programme I suppose. Aaaaargh why did I enter?? 😩

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  • It doesn't matter how quick you are you could walk some of it. If you need too!

    Just have fun :)

  • You'll be fine & if you need walking breaks have them. I do! Let your friends go off at their own pace & meet them at the end ☺ Most of all enjoy the run & most of all enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Worry not, have fun!!! If you are with a group agree a meeting point if you lose each other. What tends to happen is that the early finishers go back to near the finish line and cheer on their friends. Just like oh here!

    There is a real mixture of age and ability and everyone is very friendly

  • Pretty Muddy is lots of fun - I did it earlier this year with a friend. At that point I wasn't doing this program so I walked most of it with intervals of jogging here and there - sounds like you're definitely more prepared than I was.

    It's a lovely, supportive atmosphere and everyone is really friendly 😊 Have fun! X

  • You'll be fine! You'll be in good company if you decide to walk some of it!

  • Pretty Muddy is amazing! Run what you can, there's no pressure to finish quickly and, most importantly, enjoy it :-) I walked most of mine & wanting to run it next year spurred me on to start C25K. Relax, it'll be a blast :-D

  • Thanks everyone! Yes, I'll just enjoy it and remember the important reasons why everyone takes part 💗think I was just anxious, my friends will be happy if I try my best. I'll let you all know how it goes!!!

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