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Remember the ❤️‍


I went out and did a 5k early this morning while the world was asleep!!! It was so good to feel the freedom and enjoy the run without any pressures etc. I am currently training for a marathon and I have to watch myself that I don't become obsessed with plans and progress charts ( so easily done). I think whether we are training for something or not its always important to remember why we run.... because we ❤️‍ it. Lets not ever let that go wherever you are on your running journey....

And- should you be training for a race and want some support, please join this new community... everyone is welcome:

Happy panthering


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I agree JJ. I'm actually not training for anything, but it's really nice not to look at the garmin sometimes and just run for the love of it. Today I felt so good in the rain I carried on for 9k, which isn't like me at all! My thighs were so cold when I got home I was frightened to go into the shower in case I got chilblains! Brrrr! Absolutely loved it though, even the long drag uphill on the way home.


Glad you enjoyed it - so true that it's all about enjoying the moment, and sometimes it's good just to relish the thought that (*insert time in months/years*) ago, we would never have believed we'd be running and loving it now. Good luck with the marathon training - when is the big day?


Great point Julia , so glad you enjoying your running again :) it has taken me a while to sort myself out just run for the enjoyment of it :)

I 💖 running ☺

So glad to hear you're still loving it too.


Oh yes, I'm with you there. Always make it enjoyable ! Otherwise what's the point? I know pre-dawn runs aren't easy but once you're out there you might as well enjoy it having dragged yourself out of bed.

This is why i run early morning - quiet, no pressure and i enjoy it so much more - only downside - early morning 😂 Welcome to the darkside 😊

Yup been in that obsessional headspace - not good 😞

Goodluck with the training JJ keep us updated and hopefully a few more early mornings 😊

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