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Gait Analysis & New Shoes


After reading a few posts on here regarding having a Gait Analysis done, and running in the right shoe.

I highly recommend a Gait Analysis (try a few shops just to be sure) and also this website for independent review of shoes .

They review all the different brands and also different types e.g. Neutral or Motion control.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of having a GT done and buying some new shoes.


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Oh yes indeedy, I'm a big fan of GT. Timely advice for our new runners.


I would also like to add, please do not think that the shoe the sales assistant may offer is the one that you "have" to have.

Some shops are more sales oriented! Find your GT, walk away and then hit the web, you will probably find the same shoes cheaper.

I got mine done yesterday :) Very interesting.

I was a little confused though, my running style is virtually straight meaning I don't need support in terms of fixing a pronation or over pronation but I do have a very low arch.

So I was recommended these as a neutral shoe.

I am not completely flat footed but a lot lower arch than normal. I am wasnt getting pain until the last run where I was a bit achy under the right inner ankle bone.

So I may need to take a trip to the podiatrists to help with what I need to do to look after my feet and what is the best possible why to support my low arches.


Is the pain after you purchased the new shoes? It could be that you are just settling in with the new shoes. I have a neutral gait and after a long with an Adidas rep and sole review, I went for a pair of Supernova Glide. The newer 8's are now out, which means the 7's can be had at a bargain.

Still best to get it checked out properly if in doubt.

p.s. You should always buy one size bigger in running shoes.

No, these trainers are the current ones I wear.

I am buying a new pair after my holiday, these do a good job but I have wrecked them doing a muddy 5k.

in terms of "p.s. You should always buy one size bigger in running shoes."

Why is this?


As per the link "Lunar Forever is designed with a dynamic support which caters for both pronating and supernating foot types" so this could be the reason, but don't hold me to it.

They say that a size bigger is so that your big toe does not rub/hit the front of the trainer causing problems. It was also news to me, but my trainers still fit well and I can't really see any difference.

Thats a good point, when I bought these I was none the wiser unfortunately!

Which is probably why I can feel my right foot roll out.

A 1/2 size bigger would be ideal then.


Better to ask shop assistant, however both Adidas and Runnersneed recommended one size bigger to me.

Try them on in both 1/2 and 1 size bigger whichever feels more comfortable I guess.

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