w3r1 completed and I feel great

If someone had told me at Christmas time that in the next few weeks I would be running, I would have totally dismissed it! But after seeing myself as the fattest one in the photos (yet again) I stared C25K! I know to all you experienced guys that three minutes is nothing, but to me, I feel so good as I haven't ran anywhere for 40 years.

If there are any newbies reading this post - believe me GO FOR IT. It is worth it. I actually look forward to my running/bobbing about/wobbling days now and I have lost half a stone already.


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11 Replies

  • This program will surprise you or more to the point you will surprise yourself ! Don't do yourself a dis service we have all been there and believe me that 1st minute seemed like an eternity when I did week 1.

    Well done on the weight loss too great stuff well done keep at it

  • Hi Fred , you are doing brilliantly ! 3 minutes IS a big deal , believe me .

    We "get it " as most of us here started off exactly the same as you , so we know how chuffed you must be and rightly so ! :-)

    Lovely inspiring post and keep going , you're doing great ! :-) xxx

  • That's a fantastic result! Not seeing any benefit on the scales personally yet but loving it all the same

  • That's great news Fred. You go for it. Three minutes running is a big deal and you deserve congratulations. Keep going and you should be very proud of yourself. :)

  • I think we ALL remember having troubles with the 90 seconds. I still run the same route I started in 2014 and I still remember the locations where I'd beg Laura to tell me I can walk.

    Looking forward to following your journey. You just might need a new username :)

  • Not yet lol

  • It's great that you are doing it - and even better that you are enjoying it! Have fun!

  • Well done Fred, my wk3 run 1 is tomorrow and you've inspired me to forget the nerves and go for it ! Keep up the good work

  • Just keep going and don't look at the timer!

  • Congratulations on the weight loss too Fred :) Everything's coming together nicely. We can all remember wondering how we'd manage 3 minutes too. It is a great achievement, every step along the way is. I love this programme. You keep thinking, I'll never be able to do x, then you do it and feel great. Who'd have thought getting into running would actually be enjoyable?

  • What a fab, motivating post. In a year's time you'll be looking back and grinning your head off. You've made amazing progress already - well done! I stepped out for my first C25K nearly a year ago and was gasping for breath, now I'm swearing indoors with sinusitis and gasping for a run. If it worked for me, it can work for you too :)

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