Finished and I feel great!!

I did my last run of week 9 this morning and I've just applied for my graduation badge!  I am SO proud of myself!!  My husband has been away for a few months, he's a big runner but I hadn't told him I've been doing this programme. He noticed how much better I was looking so I broke and told him I'd been doing the programme but not the stage I was at. I asked him to come running with me this morning, suffice to say he was pretty impressed at my full 30 minutes!!  I was really pleased to celebrate my graduation run in such a glorious style!  Thank you all for your support over the last few months, I couldn't have done it without you, that includes just reading your posts but also those who have taken the trouble to reply to my posts.

So now my running plan is to do a Park run with my daughter this weekend and then consolidate up to a consistent 5 k three times a week.  When I get to that I'll have a think about my next goal and take it from there, like the programme step by step. My other running plan is to get out and buy myself some snazzy running gear, my husband wants his stuff back now that he's home!


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25 Replies

  • Amazing, well done.  Sounds like a great goal, parkrun adrenaline plus peer pressure will spur you on no end!  I graduated 35 weeks ago and started with 3 X 30 mins, then did a 5k.  Moved on to 3 X 5k and surprisingly that was more than enough of a challenge then for many weeks.  Quite surprised that my body was still recovering from the C25K programme and settling down.  I didn't try to speed up, just found a pace that worked at the time and it grew faster naturally.  Feels so good to be off programme and while I loved Laura, great to run just for me!  Julie

  • Thank you, I think that what you describe is what I hope for. I do feel I need to consolidate.  I'm also looking forward to being able to 'run free'. This will open up some routes that I've avoided, now I'll be able to walk up those very steep hills and then carry on.

  • Just hijacking to say I think this is really good, honest advice. As a new graduate, I figured I could just run 3 X 5k a week easy peasy and it's actually not the case... Still a challenge as you say, and it's refreshing and encouraging to hear you say this. I think it's hard to be realistic when high on the euphoria of graduating :)

  • Well done you! Would love to have seen your husband's face. Now you can go running together - how cool is that!

  • Mmmmm maybe, he goes for miles and miles. It was funny because he was kind of dancing along and I was sort of slopping my feet down. Anyway it worked and I can develop my style!  I think any joint running will be us running together for his warm up!  He was impressed with it all though and has talked about it a few times during the day and looked up the programme so he is very curious about how this has happened, the woman he has known for 26 years who has never been able to run for more than a few steps!

  • Sounds like you have a really supportive husband - great! I think a lot of regular runners forget how hard it is for us lot to shuffle through our 5Ks when it's small fry for them. So nice that you have someone who gets it :D Congratulations, I bet he's super proud of you! 

  • Mahoosive congratulations!! What a brilliant way to do your graduation run.  

    Well done on getting to the end of the programme, and enjoy your shopping!! 🏃👏

  • Loved it and now I'm just revelling in the glory!

  • And so you should.  It's a huge achievement. 😊

  • Yeah massive congratulations GETUPANDGO.. GOT UP AND GOT IT!!! Aww so pleased for you.. been waiting for your post and your husbands reaction... shame you had to tell him .. but  I guess the looking good may have given him other you might have been enjoying him being away rather too much lol. I'm sure he is very proud of you! Well done again and hope you keep posting .. enjoy your graduation glory.. looking forward to seeing your shiney New badge x

  • Fab, well done! :)

  • Well done!

  • That is brilliant, well done and what a surprise for your hubby :) 

  • Well done! What an amazing graduation run! And very inspiring for us on the way!! 

  • Congratulations! Absolutely fantastic, be very proud of yourself... You earned the lovely new running gear coming your way. :) 

  • Great stuff! You must be on a high x

  • Well done!

  • I don't know how you kept it secret for so long!! His face must have been a picture 😃

  • Congratulations, graduate!

    I wish you a great celebratory parkrun with your daughter.

  • Thanks, you were someone who responded to an early post of mine encouraging positivity by pointing out I was saying 'if I complete the programme', you pointed out it should be 'when I complete the programme', that was in relation to treating myself to some decent running clothes rather than using my husbands. Thanks.

  • Yay, congrats! Really pleased you got a great reaction too :-) Beware, if your hubby's anything like mine, he's already working out future training plans (apparently sprint intervals will really help improve my fitness...)

  • You are right, a half marathon was mentioned!!!

  • Haha, not even a 10k first to ease you in!

  • Well done. I also do Parkrun with my daughter and husband. It's great having support. Good luck with intervals, I've just started them myself using the Speed podcast.

  • Well done :)

    Your grad' badge- oooh, suits you!!

    Please keep posting, would love to know how you're getting on out there in 'runners world'! 

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