Week 5 completed!

Well so far so good! Must admit to being apprehensive about week 5 run 3, the 20 minuter! Managed it though, and if I say so myself I think I managed it well, there wasnt a point where I thought i need to stop, spent most of the run thinking about how To keep going when I reach the point of really wanting to stop but never got to that point and before I knew it it was done. Managed 1.8 miles in the 20 mins.

Bring on week 6!!!

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  • That is awesome! Rest those legs and enjoy the feeling of achievement!

  • I know that run looms darkly over most and when you complete it is a fantastic achievement. Well done. Look how far you have come :)

    A wee word about week 6. After the highs of 5/3 it is easy to think week 6 is a breeze. Take it easy and give it respect and you will be grand.

    Again, well done on 5/3๐Ÿ‘

  • Good for you, and good to hear that! I'm just about to go out to do week 5 run 2!! .. run 3 certainly looks daunting!!

  • Don't let it get to you Sal - you will be fine - it's like being at school and having no morning break because you have an exam - you aren't getting a break so you don't miss it - honestly - you will be fine! :) If I can do it after having to pause W1D1 because I couldn't run for a full minute.......... Good luck :)

  • Wow, well done you! Friday it is, then!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You will be fine, keep the pace low and the 20 minutes soon passes. Listen to some music that you know really well while running too, I find it really helps me judge how long to go. Was telling myself its only a matter of running for 5 songs, 4 songs etc.

  • Well done.... right on track. Go for it!

  • Oooh Well done Andy ! That's a major milestone in the programme and you nailed it !

    Fantastic ! Onwards, always xxx

  • Very well done - it is amazing that you can now run non stop for 20 minutes! Woo hoo. Don't be surprised if you find W6D1 a bit tough though - it is weird that running with a break seems tough after running for a full 20 minutes but it knocked quite a few of us - forewarned is forearmed as they say. You are doing brilliantly - keep up the good work, your graduation badge is in sight. :)

  • Couldn't agree more just completed wk6 r1 and was feeling pretty deflated by how it felt harder than the 20 min run till I read this post thankyou

  • That one took all of us by surprise! But you did it! Well done. :)

  • WgR1 went reasonably well on Friday evening. Just about to head out on R2 in the wind and rain. I must be mad!!!! lol

  • Well done Andy!

    I'm just 1 run ahead of you at the moment, but it's nice to get the 20minute run bagged isn't it :)

  • Well done!! I am also on week 5 and wondering about run 3!

  • Oh well done Andy!!!!!! That's amazing :) You know you can do it now, just a matter of lengthening your time to 30 and that's it, course completed. Bet you're feeling really chuffed.

  • Thanks everyone, the support and encoragement from here is amazing and really helps. been a long busy and tiring day today and here I am wanting to get for the next session. forcing myself to have the rest day.

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