More Tea Vicar?

More Tea Vicar?

Ive had an awful chest bug last week and have been off work. However Sunday was a scheduled long run so I knew I had to dig deep. I am a great believer that fresh air and exercise is the panacea for all ills...

So I just wanted to share with you some of my strategies that I employed to get me through...

1. I took a flask of tea- strong green as a treat for halfway- it really buoyed me up. The pic of Viktor my Garmin shows my halfway stats

2. I take a breakdown of breaks and treats. This gives structure to the run, I rip off each stage and munch on the assigned treat. I really look forward to these 'breaks' and at each one I allow myself to walk for 1 minute. I look forward to that!!

3. After 14 miles I allowed myself a 30 second walk at the end of each mile. That really helped my legs as they were starting to really hurt!!

4. I found the sign 2 miles from home but it was pointing the wrong way!!!!

I did 17 miles in 3 hours 18 minutes and I am very happy with that. The next long run will be 19 miles... but i really feel I am getting there, that marathon is in my grasp.

I am heading up a new community and wanted to invite you to join. It is focussed on support for marathon training and if you are training for a race ( any length)... anyone is welcome :)

Happy panthering


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  • *bless you my child* Makes a sign and says something incomprehensible in Latin...

    but then again, since his accent strong... probably everything he says is incomprehensible

  • You running ??

  • No I'm at work... they dont allow me to run with my pc.. say its ' unsafe ' or some such malarkey...

  • Ah yes the #anyexcuseratherthanrun scenario?

  • brilliant jooles brilliant wot a strategy and the idea of treats is great..bit like your own diy feed station you get at marathons!!


  • That's the plan, to get acclimatised to what it will be like for the marathon.... And Thankyou!!

  • I think I'm delerious! I read "egg nog bar" ! Oops Sounds jolly nice though!

    That sounds wonderful Ju! You did that really well. So well planned and executed! You set your stall out to do a good job and it worked. More power to your running legs. I think the walking break is a good idea. It will keep you going in the long run (you know what I mean)

    Glad you feel so much better after your lurgy bout.

    Bows low on both knees in respect at your awesome distance. Yep I will join your community. I am missing long runs. Not done one in an age. I was feeling a bit like I fancied entering a half marathon and then chucking the 10 k race in (in March) as a bit of a training thing. However, I then felt a bit of a mug for being so easily drawn in. I don't want to over-run again. Well I do but ....

  • Wow, JJ! You legend, you!

  • A www Thankyou!!

  • Well done. Did you have the flask in the back pack? Did it not bounce around a lot? I like the plan! I was planning on having a nutrition and walking break every 5km on my HM, but wasn't up to my long run yesterday.

  • I had it in my camelbak wedged up against my foil blanket so it didn't bounce!!

  • Wowee jj, you are doing so well! Loving that cream egg after 17miles! Seriously, very impressed - what a fantastic effort☺.

  • The cream egg was amazing!!!

  • Some great ideas there JJ. A great run too :)

    I agree with you totally about the exercise in the great outdoors being a good medicine. I found that from starting C25K in Sept 2014, until my ankle problem in Apr 2015, I had no real colds or flu, I ran at least 3 times every week during that period. Between April 2015 and Sept 2015 my running was very limited and I seemed to get one bug after another. I've now been back to running 2 6km runs and one long run each week since Sept 2015, and again I have not has any colds or bugs during that time. During 2005 and 2007 I used to do indoor rowing for an hour every day, and again, during that period, no significant colds or bugs. When I'm not exercising regularly I seem to get colds one after another.

  • I'm the same, I got ill in the summer when I was injured... Although this time I think it was because I got v v cold and was in wet clothes after running 15 miles for more than 3 hours 😨

  • Absolutely in awe of you! Brilliant! :-) xxx

  • Awww Thankyou xx

  • Fantastic. You are running some epic distances. Love the idea about the eating plan. If I ever get to big enough distances im going to use that idea. Good luck - hope the training keeps going to plan :)

  • Thankyou, and I'm a sucker for structure!!!

  • I'm impressed. You're so much further than I am. Can't see myself running for 3 hours. Pretty sure I'd need a toilet break too..... bit worrying that thought actually.

  • It's funny, I drank 1.5 litres of fluid and my tea but I didn't need the loo. You will find you may not as it all gets sweated out while you run x

  • that amazing juicyju, such a long way! i love your notes of treat etc, a great tip to follow! and brilliant what with you felling a bit rubbish all week, so impressed! :) will take a look at your link, going to book in for Southampton HM in April! :)

    PS Boz's mum is a vicar, for her bday last year he bought her a mug with "more F*****G tea Vicar?", she loved it!! :)

  • Hahaha Ali that's just really made me laugh! X πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Oh I love it!!!!! And how exciting!!!

  • Well done Ju ! Absolutely brilliant , that is some trek !!!

    Hope youre feeling better after your illness, they can really drag you down , but youve bounced back with a vengeance !

    Love your notes , must admit though I have really gone off Creme Eggs. They taste so different to me since Cadburys was taken over :-( but I bet it went down a treat after that ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou, and I know.... I'm so cross about the whole cream egg thing... I've always loved them so much 😍

  • Wow. Loving "Viktor" the Garmin :-) Looks like you plumped for the 225 in the end, yes? You enjoying it?

  • I love it.... Best investment ever, Viktor makes me v happy 😎

  • Ooh, waves of nostalgia seeing that road sign (no, not nostalgic for having motivation!) - that used to mean 'nearly home' for me too.

    I am mostly a 'get to the end then treat' sort of a person but I have found that getting my teenagers out in the fresh air and keeping them pleasant to be with is much improved using a strategy like yours. In some danger of developing a serious veggie Colin Caterpillar problem.

  • Ha ha!!!you must have lived so close to me???!!

  • Lovely post Ju and pleased you were feeling well enough to do your long run. I love the idea of tea en route. But, how do you transport that and a cream egg without any leaking and melting! When I take a fiver with me it comes back all soggy and limp! I think I'd have to have the egg at mile 0.5! X 😊

  • I put tea in the back and cream egg in the side zip away from my body 😎

  • Oh wow, this is a brilliant idea! X

  • Hi Julia, OMG you are so organised and structured. No wonder you are meeting your running targets. 17 miles! Outrageous this early before the Marathon. My older brother is a Vicar and one parkrun in the summer, he and I got exactly the same time and both achieved a PB, he running Abingdon and me Newbury.

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