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1st half marathon (what have i done) ;o)

i've been running on & off for 18 months - 2 years. I've had a few run less months due to injury / sheer laziness during that time. While running i've been sticking to 3 runs per week mostly 5k distances with the odd longer run but the furthest i've done is a 10k last year.

I restarted running in January this year after a 3 month break due to several injuries and i've worked my way back up to running 5 miles this week which is great. However somewhere in a moment of madness i agreed to run my first ever half marathon this September.

I've found myself a training program which is borderline terrifying to look at given that the thought of running 13 miles makes me feel a bit ill. However joking aside i've been making good progress and injurys allowing ( touch wood) it looks achievable especially given i already regularly walk further than 13 miles.

However i still count myself as a novice (not a real runner) and i know there are many people on here far more experienced than me and i'd be very greatful if any of you wonderful people can offer me any advice/tips etc as i want to do everything i can to achieve my goal of running the full distance while trying to stay injury free getting there.

thanks for any help you can offer


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have 3 runs a week or 4 but in this order 5k 6k then a long run then add a mile to your long run every week also this long run should be on sun if event is on this day no running 2 days b4 event and in the week leading up to 1 5k and a 7 mile this got me a 1hr 43 for a first hm but you have got plenty of time dnt be too worried you can do it


There is a lady on training for a marathon and her journey is charted on here. Have a read through it for inspiration and tips


I think it's those 'moments of madness' that lead us into things we thought we couldn't do and subsequently prove that we weren't so mad after all. God luck and best wishes.


I found a tailored program for my HM on the "My Asics" website and stuck to that (ish) don't be afraid to skip the odd run or add a little distance either, I struggled just being very tired a couple of times during the plan and decided to "listen to my body" and not run. I was around a minute and a half over my target time on the day.

Find some gels or sources of energy to take during the long runs and practice eating them to make sure it works for you.

Go for it and you'll get a great sense of achievement when you put that medal round your neck.


I am a total novice...I just gratuated last year...I would say gradually increase your distance, but only if you enjoy it and want to....


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