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Victory is Mine!

After worrying so much about going out on a real path and finding it too hard, I have completed my last run of week 1! It was definitely harder than the treadmill but I kept going and only pulled my phone out of my pocket to check how much longer on the last run. I feel actually ready to graduate, though not sure if I'll manage w2d1 straight away.

Also took my partner out with me and going at my snail pace he only had to cut two runs short.

Now for a well deserved pizza!

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Well done... take your rest day and then onwards and upwards.. Enjoy your pizza! :)


Well done! There will be no looking back....outdoors is fab! (but then I can't get the hang of treadmills!)


Noooo, I still love the treadmill. Outside is definitely going to be a just at the weekend thing!


Haha! Each to their own!☺


Well done, that's great going! I can't run distance on the treadmill but didn't think I'd ever get the hang of running on the pavement. I find it easier now so you go for it, it'll not take you long to get used to it!

Elsie xxx


That's great! Yes, outside is harder than a treadmill, but just think of the place you can go when you can run further!


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