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Disappointed and Feeling Like a Failure

Went out today to complete what I thought would be a nice, gentle, unpaced 30 min run. My hips and back started to feel like they were being grated and my pelvis felt like it was being ground away too.

So I stopped after just under 15 mins of gentle running and the pain was still increasing. The same pain that laid me off for 8 months last year.

I'm hoping that by not pushing through it for months of running that it'll be quicker to mend and I've decided to bite the bullet and seek out a good physio to see me and hope they won't just tell me that someone so fat shouldn't run.

I was in an accident nearly 10 years ago that left my pelvis ligaments and tendons torn and also tore a couple of abdominal muscles. I'm worried that I might have healed in an imbalanced way and that if I have then it'll be easy to fix.

Sorry to be such a downer. I thought I was doing it right this time and now I don't know. So looks like I need to get Googling physios and just stick to walking and pilates for now.

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Walking and pilates are great! I love to walk and it does burn off loads of calories.

My husband put his pelvis "out" some years ago, failed to get treatment and it caused him problems further down the line but he did get surgery in the end. His problem has been weight gain which has caused repeated flare-ups. Once he gets his weight under control it helps with his back pain. Which is obvious if you think about it as you can't afford to carry excess weight if you have a back problem.

Doctors seem only to offer anti-inflammatories/painkillers and leave you for six weeks to see what develops, as most back pain goes on its own. It would be worth a visit to your GP though as you could get a free referal to a physio if you are still struggling after six weeks. You could also get some stronger painkillers if that's what you need

Have you started on a healthy eating regime to compliment your running?

I don't think your physio or doc would dissuade you from running. My physio certainly didn't. He was positively brimming with enthusiasm for it. Good luck with everything. Let us know how it goes

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We try not to use the "fail" word. 😊. You had a bad run and I'm sorry, they come to us all sometimes. It sound like you could do with some extra help with the pain. Is it possible you could ring or talk to your GP and see if they can either send you or recommend a reputable physio. I went to physio with a referral from my doc. I had to wait a while but I was told if I didn't want to wait then they had some practices they could give me the number for. A good physio will assess you and have you working towards your goals in no time.


Absolutely no need to feel like a failure -- most of your body is willing and able to do this thing, and it's a thing a lot of us can't do yet! Going to see a physio or the doc is definitely a good idea. Better to seek medical help and get it fixed so you can be back out there safe and healthy :)


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