Feeling like a failure already :(

Feeling like a failure already :(

As some of you may have read I completed my first run which was great but the next day took ill with a bug or something, I started to feel better Thursday and was going to do the second run but I was then sick again :(

I'm going to start week 1 again on Monday but just feel disappointed and a bit rubbish. I know I can't help being ill but with being diabetic too illness just seems to stay with me, I'm hoping to shake this sicky feeling and get back in to it but just feeling a bit low at the moment as I've had a set back before I've even properly started! :(

Also I've said it so many times but damn this heat, it's not helping at all I went for my first run around 11pm and it was still roasting, bring on cooler weather please!!

Ps: not sure what the photo has to do with this but it made me smile, veggies are watching you!! :)


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58 Replies

  • Love the photo maybe they are couch potato wannabees :)

  • Haha yeah good idea!! :)

  • Hahaha :D Laughting at your photo and the thought of my vegetable box spying on me, most definitely not laughing at you. Don't be too downhearted Sweetie, we all have setbacks at some point. There are very few people who get through the programme in 9 weeks without repeating any runs or having to take extra rest days and you've got additional problems with your diabetes which make things more difficult for you. I'll be going back to the early weeks myself when I finally get the all clear to run again, but we can only do what our bodies are capable of. take it easy and cut yourself some slack. You will get there in your own good time :)

  • Haha veggies are watching us! Thank you for your kind comment, I can't wait to get back in to it and hope you're given the all clear to run again soon! :)

  • Love the photo. Its hard when you start and things block your every attempt. My journey through c25k started very much like that. ( I have put it in my profile. ). I suggest a little stubbornness helps. You will get stronger as you go through your journey and like me it might take some time to get the balance right but you will get there. We are all here to support you. good luck.

  • Thank you for your comment, I will have a read of your journey. I know this will be a difficult road just felt a bit down after being so happy completing run 1 haha. Thanks for your support!! :)

  • Can you run in the morning before the sun gets going? I don't mean super early - I get out at about 8am, schedule permitting, and it's still bearable at that time of day. Lots of really keen people set their alarms for an hour before their usual time and go out then. That's dedication! Once you get going, you will get the bug, and then you'll hate the rest days and be itching to get out there. Don't give up - you've just had a bit of bad luck :)

  • I may have to try morning running but it always seems roasting when I get up around 7am, I will give it a go and see if it's any better than the evening. I just like the dark so no one can see me run haha!!

  • I always find the mornings very peaceful and quiet - sets me up for the whole day.

  • HI - sorry to read that you have been ill - hope you feel better soon. I don't think many of us will be finding this heat easy to cope with - I certainly haven't. You are right that it will be easier once it's cooler but it is nice to have the sun for a bit ( outside of running). I agree with the other posts so do stick with it and well done for starting on the programme. Love the photo - it did make me smile

  • Hiya thank you for your comment, yeah the sun is nice except when you wanna run and you're melting before you get through the door haha I'm looking forward to getting started again Monday! :)

  • Hi Kayla. Enjoy the rest and don't push yourself till you feel better. It is always difficult after getting an illness but even worse when you have another underlying condition. An ex colleague of mine had diabetes and was into all sorts of exercise but any infection or changes eg heat really threw her off - she was insulin controlled but it took a bit of juggling to get things right for her. You take care of yourself - look forward to hearing how you get on

  • Thanks very much, yeah it can be such a pain I want to get on with it but my body doesn't want me to haha! Thanks for your support! :)

  • You absolutely must not beat yourself up about this! I can understand how frustrating it must be for you, but it is completely out of your control, so don't waste time stressing about it. Before long you will be on week 2, 3, 4 and beyond and feeling great with it. Definitely give yourself until Monday off and get yourself well. I hope next week is great for you. P.S. I run around 5.45am ish and the weather conditions are brilliant for running then. I cannot imagine going out in the evening (or daytime, but I work full time so that's not happening), I think it would kill me.

  • Hiya thanks for your comment, you're right I need to stop stressing and just start again when I'm better. A lot of people have suggested morning runs so I may have to give that a go, even around midnight it's still so warm!

  • Hi KR, well done for getting out and resting while not feeling so well; it's good to listen to your body... Btw it may be a confidence boost to see your gp for the all clear and / or nutrition advice so you stay well with a new exercise programme. I think we have all felt physical and mind changing challenges starting c25k ( gp's can also refer you for supported weight and exercise through something called 'activity on referral'). It's another way the nhs support exercise and weight for individuals with extra weight on board as well as keeping an eye on their health and well being . Are you insulin or tablet controlled?

    Chin chin and try to go for a nice walk with good breaths today - bring your music and people watch :) a little exercise can clear the cobwebs and lactic acid x

  • Hiya yeah I have recently seen my gp and they have referred me to an nhs fresh start 10 week weight loss plan which I start in august so hopefully that will be extra help with the eating side of things.

    I am type 2 tablet controlled and usually have a banana before I exercise to help steady my bloods, just always seem to get one illness then many others in a row it sucks haha.

    Thank you for your suggestions and support! :)

  • Oh poor you :( I do hope you feel better soon.

    I always getting overwhelmingly down about having a bad week but we really shouldn't. After all, you're trying to make a long term change and could be running for years and years- what's a week in the grand scheme of things :)

    I agree about this heat too. I went out at 9 last night and was sweaty with a dry mouth before I event started my run.

    Oh well, chin up, we're doing what we can :) x

  • Thank you very much, I'm starting to feel better today! Yeah I know what you mean I went out at 11 and it was still like that, not even a tiny breeze haha I was sweating before I was out the door!

    But yeah you're right we can only do our best and just deal with each situation as it comes our way! :)

  • Love the veggie pic...sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather, but listen to your body. I just began week 7 and now I've developed some pain in my leg/hip and am putting the programme on the shelf for the weekend. As I mentioned in other posts, this is my second time through a C25k programme (not this particular one). I will most likely repeat W1R1 when I get back in my trainers. I did go to the gym yesterday and rode the recumbent bike for 30 min. You have a double whammy--a bug plus diabetes. Take this time to rest and get better...there's no timetable on when you complete the program...you did one run and now you have your foot in the door. :)

  • Sorry to hear about your leg and hip pain hope you're okay and it isn't too painful for you! Well done for getting in the gym though, I had a gym membership but it just got so expensive. I would like to join again at some point though!

    Thank you for your support and good luck with your C25K!! :)

  • I went to the doctor yesterday and we think it's sciatica due to the way the pain travels down my leg...just a bit of a setback, I've had this before and I took meds around the clock and it seemed to disappear in about a week. Meanwhile, I can go in the pool and do some swimming since that is non-weight bearing.

    My gym membership is covered by my health insurance. That's one of the advantages of being "old" :)

  • Aww sounds painful, hopefully you can get it sorted! Swimming is great too though, low impact and work out everywhere :) I'm hoping to start swimming and aqua-aerobics is a good one too for low impact but a really good work out. :)

    That's great about your gym membership haha I'm quite lucky with being a student at the moment I get discount too! :)



  • Thank you for your comment!

    Haha sorry don't wanna put you off veggies they just look so cute!! :)

  • I love the photo, I think I might borrow that as an idea for something to do with my boy (he loves taking pictures).

    Take heart, you got out there and did your first run. There is no failure in that! Take a good rest, enjoy the weather, and get better. Then get out there and do it again. You will be fine.

  • Feel free to take the photo, I love little pics like this. I actually once bought googly eyes and stuck them all over the house on various things, I'm a child at heart haha.

    Thanks very much for your support! :)

  • Don't be hard on yourself, not many people go through the whole program without setbacks. With a bug and diabetes to contend with just remind yourself how well you are doing for not giving up. If it is any consolation I had to pause three times due to asthma related issues and once I went right back to the beginning because I had lost the confidence that I could do the week 4 runs after a couple of weeks off. I did it eventually and so will you :)

  • Thank you for your support, great to hear that you achieved what you wanted even with a few set backs. It gives me confidence to start again and well done to you for completing it, that's fab!! :)

  • Great picture! Hope you feel better soon. Don't be too hard on yourself. Hang in there. Wishing for cool weather and a nice run for you on Monday!

  • Thank you very much for your comment, next week is a new week and I will start again!! :)

  • Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully it won't last and you can get on with your c25k. Better now though than say w5 or 6 etc. good luck ;)

  • Thanks very much Paul, yeah I was so early in to it that I can start again next week! :)

  • It was so hot last night, even late on. I went out to run and I was boiling. I had my own waterfall, it was like I was leaking! I only ran a quick dash round the block. It is so energy-sapping it's unreal. So don't be hard on yourself

    Get back out as soon as you can. Don't leave it too long!

  • Yeah that's what I was like haha damn this heat even really late it's roasting!

    I can't wait to start again Monday! :)

  • Pensive vegetables are pensive.

    Noooooooo feeling fed up, Kayla, you hear?! *hugs* It's not your fault, so don't feel disappointed. If anything, you should feel pleased that you erred on the side of caution and gave it a miss instead of pushing yourself through it and feeling abysmal afterwards. With this bit of rest you'll feel ready and raring to go on Monday and the best part about all this is that your enthusiasm is still there - you still want to run! Oh yes, you'll make a fine runner and will well and truly catch the running bug! :-)

    I'm another vote for early mornings. I must first point out that I always used to hate early starts but now I love getting up really early and going for a run; I was out at four this morning and although very warm, wasn't as bad as later in the day.

    Don't feel down. :-) It's not as if you just couldn't be bothered, you are unwell, it happens! Hope you feel lots better very soon! :-)

  • Your comments always make me smile Miles :) *hug*

    I felt so down when I posted this but after all the lovely comments and support I'm going to stop beating myself up and just look forward to getting back in to it on Monday! I am feeling a lot better now than yesterday.

    Yes I will definetely give the early morning thing a go, seems to be quite popular and hopefully it will be quiet if I go early enough before most people are out of bed haha

    Thanks very much for your support!! :)

  • Glad to hear you're feeling better now, Kayla! :-) You have nothing to feel down about at all; we all get colds and bugs and stuff occasionally and knowing when not to run is just as important as running itself! If you're up tomorrow morning and want to get all fired up for Monday, it's the Commonwealth Games marathon starting at nine tomorrow morning. Yes, even though it's lie-in day, I'll be up and watching!

    Seriously, I was always a night owl, always; used to bloody hate early starts, with a passion, but now I love them. I started work at seven yesterday, but was still up at three (!) to run! I like to be out about 0400-ish or so and while that is very very early, it should still be cool about half five/six if you were to go out then. It's usually nice and quiet too. If you run through a town/city centre like I often do, you can encounter a few sozzled folk on their way home from nights out, but largely they don't bother me and the most I get is odd, puzzled looks.

    Not a problem at all; more than happy to help. :-)

  • Thank you! :) Yeah this warm weather doesn't help with the bugs and not been sleeping too good either, I've been up early anyway so might as well do something productive! Ahh cool I didn't know I'll have to have a watch. :)

    I don't mind the being up early just it's easier to hide in the dark haha. Wow 4am that's very early!! I don't have anywhere particularly nice to run around where I live, would be nice to live by a park or something and the town is quite far away too.

    Haha people who are just going home in a state confused why you are up and running!

    Thanks for your help! :)

  • Sorry to hear you've not been sleeping great. :-( Bloody heat has a lot to answer for!

    Try to make the most of where you have to run; vary it by having different routes, running routes backwards (back to front, I mean, not actually running in reverse! :-P ) and explore parts you've not been down before. I often chuck a new side street in for a bit of an explore.

    You'll get used to the funny looks from muggles; it happens a lot in the rain. Running in the rain is awesome, but muggles just don't get it!

    And that's quite alright; happy to help. Love your enthusiasm! :-)

  • Yeah this damn heat haha!

    Thanks for the advice, can't even run forwards never mind backwards! ;) But yeah would be good to go out and find new places to run!

    That's my plan for tomorrow night to go to aqua-aerobics then do my run on the way home so I will post and let you know how I get on.

    I think I'd enjoy running in the rain, it rained here last night and it felt lovely and cool!

    How are you doing with your running? :)

  • Aqua aerobics! That sounds like all manner of fun! Good plan as well; should be nice and cool if you're running at night too. You may feel a bit tired from the aerobics, but on the other hand, it'll be a nice warm-up for you. Enjoy it, take it easy and good luck. Full report on the run (and the aqua aerobics too actually; sounds interesting!) please!

    Wish it had rained here. :-( It's alright for you, hoarding rain! We're long overdue a mighty fine downpour and I want to be out running in it when it does!

    Are you feeling much better now? :-)

    My running's going well thank you, Kayla; last night I wrote a report on Friday's run, which is about here somewhere. Two steady 5K runs for me next week, one tomorrow, or perhaps a 3K and a 5K, then the York 10K on Sunday. It can rain all the way through that for me! :-P

  • Yeah it will definetely be a warm up, if I remember correctly it's more intense than it sounds but very low impact with being in water. I will post about it all haha :)

    I'm sorry for hogging the rain, it only rained for about an hour but it was great then it got roasting again in the early hours of the morning.

    I am feeling a lot better now, thank you! :)

    Oh wow sounds like you're very busy I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you enjoy your runs! I will have a look for your other report.

    Fingers crossed for rain for you!!!! :)

  • Woop! Glad you're feeling better; there will be no stopping you now!

    Looking forward to hearing about your aqua aerobics and the run. You'll do great, I just hope it's cooler and rainier for you. Blazing sunshine here. :-(

    Thanks Kayla. I'll need the luck! Thanks for the support, it really helps. :-)

  • Hey Kayla, please dont be so hard on yourself, hon :-)

    You have had a nasty bug, this weather is absolutely draining, you have been knocked for six.

    Once you feel better, just take it slow and steady, no pressure, no stress :-)

    Dont worry, be happy , and all the very best to you , I luurve the pic :-) xxx

  • Thanks so much for your comment!

    Yeah this weather just takes it out of me I don't feel like doing anything haha but will definetely be back in to it on Monday!

    Well done to you too for graduating that's fab and thanks for your lovely comment :) xx

  • Hi Kayla - there are some nasty bugs doing the rounds at the mo (I work in a school so I get most of them pass through my office!) which coupled with your diabetes will knock you for 6.

    I'm now on my third attempt at C25K and redoing week 7 for the umpteenth time. There are no hard and fast rules about how long it takes someone to complete the programme .... just go at the pace that is right for you, and if you need to redo a week then do it! You're still doing more exercise than someone sat on their couch, right?

    Get yourself fit first, and then you'll be back out "pavement pounding"! Good luck, keep going and let us know how you get on.

  • Hiya ahh must be bad when working with children I bet you end up with all sorts, my friend works at a nursery and I have to stay away as she often brings home colds and coughs and all icky things haha.

    Hope you're enjoying your C25K and seeing the benefits of it, keep up the hard work you can do it!! :)

    Thanks very much for your support! :)

  • Don't be too hard on yourself Kayla - having a bug can run you down for longer than you think. Early morning runs might be the answer - much cooler and not so stuffy. And it sounds as though you're being sensible and eating before your runs so you don't have a hypo. Don't worry about what's happened before, treat it as a new start and you'll be fine.

  • Thank your for your comment and support, good idea I just need to start again tomorrow! :)

  • Language Kayla. We don't say the F word here. Not failure just another step on the learning curve. Love the veg people.

  • Haha thank you, I appreciate your comment! :)

  • Get yourself well and try again. We all underestimate how much colds effect us. You are starting the programme already knowing this so you have the advantage☺

    Nobody I know of can honestly say they did it in 9 weeks, we all had to repeat weeks. I had to repeat some of them several times!

    Listen to your body and you'll know when you're ready. You managed the first run and felt great because of it. Keep reminding yourself of that one to help forget the bad one.

    Sending you virtual hugs to get better. You started so you did the hardest part. You can do this.

  • Thanks very much for the support Polly, I just felt I'd had a set back before I even started haha but I'm going to get back in to it tomorrow and start again!! :)

  • No matter how slow you are, or how long it takes you to get going you are still lapping everyone who is on the couch with no intention of doing anything

    In my book that makes you a success

  • That's a great way to look at things, thanks for your lovely comment! :)

  • If you are still here you are not a failure. I have started C25K at least 3 times before and only got to week but this time I am running with my girlfriend and we have 1 more run to do in week 4.

    You will get there!

  • Thanks for your comment and well done to you for getting to week 4, keep up the hard work!! :)

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