Feeling like a failure


Today (week4run3) was the first time I didn't see it through to the end. I felt like I may vomit and was struggling to get my breath after the 2nd run but took a few seconds fast walking and pushed through until fourth run (5 mins). I did about 2 mins and had to walk the rest from fear of collapsing :(

I checked my fitbit and it said 188 beats per minute!!! My face was red and blotchy too. I just don't get why it happened today ?!

Feeling disheartened. X


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  • I would recommend slowing right down, running should not be torture! I think speed can grow when fitness has improved. The important thing is to do the running time, no medals for speed. If running fast means the time is not achievable, maybe slow right down, then you will do it. The programme is increasing the challenge and slowing down makes it doable

  • Try no to to worry too much, these things happen.

    It is a simple mantra but if you are out of breath, you are going too fast. Next time try your best to slow the running intervals right down and I am sure you will be fine.

    Whilst running during c25k you should be able to comfortably hold a conversation. From my experience, I can do that when my heart rate is 20-25bpm below maximum - above that and it becomes a struggle.

  • Definitely - you are going too hard!!!!!! Yes- it is your fault!!! :) Slow and steady wins the day - the object of C25k is to finish each days task - and hence you have to go at a suitable pace to do that.

  • Not a failure, you've learned something from it - as is said above you're running too fast for your current level of fitness.

  • Too fast. Just too fast. You're not a failure, you just need to slow it right down. And I mean REALLY slow.

    So many of us start off thinking the running sections have to be fast. They don't. Just slightly faster than a brisk walk is all that's needed. Ask me how I know!πŸ˜‰

    Don't feel disheartened and enjoy the next one (at a slower pace) 😊

  • Thanks for your kind responses. I honestly wasn't going fast ! If I had gone any slower I'd have been standing still ! πŸ˜‘ I'll keep this in mind though x

  • One of the 'knowledgeable sages' on this forum (of which there are many) told me in the early days, 'it isn't the speed of the run that matters, it's the action'. So even if you think you could walk faster, the fact that you're running is what matters. So slow down and never get disheartened, please MissRamejkis ! We are all with you every step of the way and YOU are doing this...xx

  • I have often felt that if I was going any slower I'd be going backwards! Sometimes I check the scenery or bushes to the side of me to see if I'm actually moving.

    Not sure if this applies to you (depends on where you live) but the weather has warmed up a bit & that might account for feeling a bit nauseous.

  • Some days are like that - we are humans, not machines :) I remember one day when I just simply stopped, turned around and went home. Nothing I could put my finger on - just suddenly 'did not want to run' :)

    Take it easy on yourself. Chalk it up to a 'Practice' run, then give it another go. Above all - keep it fun/fulfilling on at least some level OK :)

    You got this far - don't quit now ;)

  • Fast is a relative term. If you are having trouble breathing when running, then you are going too fast for your current state of fitness, so slow down to a speed that you can maintain comfortably. You have to find that sustainable pace with each run and as the duration increases, so you have to adapt, although your fitness levels will improve, so you will learn to speed up in time.

    This is not a failure, but a very basic running lesson, learned through personal experience.

  • I did week 4 run 3 last night and at 120kgs if I can do it anyone can. Slow and steady wins the race

  • Keep going

    Once or twice I even thought I was having a panic attack as I couldn't control my breathing

    The more I thought about it the more ragged my breathing became

    Good luck next time

  • We all have bad days - sonetimes for no obvious reason. Just put it behind you and move on. Good luck with the next run

  • Don't get disheartened, just chalk it up to experience. Don't be afraid to go slowly, as slow as you need to complete the time. You will get there!

  • Some runs are just tough, don't overanalyze it. You did great and built fitness by getting out there. Slow down next time, I promise you'll do fine. Many of us had to repeat the occasional run.

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