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Feeling like a failure

Today was awful, the first run I haven't been able to complete, week 7 run 2

I know it's stupid because I've already done the same thing twice, but today I had to stop three times

Firstly it was because I felt sick, probably ran too soon after breakfast. I was also trying to go a bit faster and that probably didn't help. And after the first time it was so easy to persuade myself that it was okay to stop again and again when I started hurting. I feel like a massive failure and like I've gone backwards a long way

Should I do it again tomorrow? Or wait a day

I'm worried because I (possibly being a bit overenthusiastic) signed up for a 10k in April and I would hate to not be able to complete it

Words of wisdom would be very welcome :)

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I would say get back out there tomorrow so you don't get a psychological barrier. You can do it! Slow and steady. Don't pressure yourself about the 10k take it one step at a time. Good luck!


Ye I'd go back out there tomorrow. Just have something really light before a run. I usually have a couple of bites of a banana and small cup of coffee. Then have my breakfast after. Good luck and don't beat yourself up. Your doing really well. Sometimes its not easy, other things can get in the way.


Hi Katie, It is not clear from your post how much you actually completed. I would be inclined to take a days rest before doing your next run. If you are an early morning runner just something light like a banana to give you some energy and some fluid to make sure you are not dehydrated.

Elsewhere you will find 10k training plans which would help you understand what you need to do after graduating from this programme. But what ever you do take it steady and complete the programme - speed and stamina will develop as you progress.


April does seem a bit soon for a 10k, the schedules I have found are at least 10 weeks starting from a base of running continuously for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. If you really want to do it, why not consider a walk/run schedule just for this race? Have a look at the WalkJogRun website, they have schedules for various combinations of running and walking. I would takes a day of rest before trying again and then start off slowly. Good luck!


Thanks everyone :)

I went back out today and ran for 28 minutes using my own music

It seemed so easy and I actually enjoyed it!


That's great Katie! Really pleased you did it and enjoyed it:)


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