Couch to 5K

Just joined Online - On week 4 though

I've decided to start a blog - I finished week 4 run 1 last night.

I have been going to the gym to do my run because I think if I run outside I will be stopping all of the time.

I know I shouldn't worry about speeds I run but looking on here most people are going faster than me. Not sure if my treadmill in the gym is kph or mph??

I've been walking at 4 and running at 5.2 - should I speed up?

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I also used to worry that people were running at much faster speeds than I was, until I realised that it's all relative and as long as you feel ok running at the speed you are, then that's ok. It sounds like the treadmill you are on is in miles, but you should only speed up if you want to.

Further in the programme Laura says it's about distance not speed which was a turning point for me. I'm not fast, but I don't mind any more as I can build my speed up slowly, but at week 4 just concentrate on getting it done rather than the speed. You're doing great, keep it up! :)


Id think it was in miles as well. dont worry about speed, just worry about getting through. speed can come later.

most of us dont manage 5k in the 30mins so after we finish the plan we concentrate on getting to 5k then speeding up & reducing the time.

like minuette said, youre doing great :)


Thanks! Do you run outside? I might give it a go when I next run. I think it will be harder butI might aswell start now.


I used to run on the treadmill only but then I ventured outside at around week 4 I think it was. It is a bit different running outside to on the treadmill and it depends if your outside runs have inclines or not, but I really enjoy both and have the best of both worlds! :)


I agree with Minuette - a mixture of treadmill and outdoors works well for me. I did my first few weeks on the treadmill but I think I have improved more quickly since mixing it with outdoor runs.

Don't compare your speed with anyone else, if you must compare speeds/figures, then just compare with what you have done before. We're all different and you need to progress at your own pace.


Yep - I'm 4 weeks postgrad and still taking 41 mins to run 5k - but 4 weeks ago I tried running 5k and it took me 45 mins. I'd call that progress!!


Welcome to the gang, i join in the community at w4 too.

As the others said its more about building stamina and strength than speed and distance, that will come as we continue running and building ourselves up.

I run outside and I love it, so much to see.

All the best for your next run.


Thanks for all of your comments - it really has motivated me. I cannot wait for my run tonight :-)


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