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Hi, I've not ran since primary school when I did s bit of cross country running - I loved it but never kept it up when I moved to high school.

I'm 27 now and I get married next August so I want to lose weight but also get fit long term. I've just been to support my brother doing the EHM and I want a piece of that so I've downloaded the app.

My biggest fear is people seeing me run in the beginning - how did you all get over that?

Emma x

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Hello and welcome! A grand decision made!

No one really notices us runners, they are too busy getting on with their own life.

Follow the programme, slow and steady, and always take your rest days😎

So; shoes on and get out there! Let us know how it goes. Keep posting and keep running!


I was in a similar position and dreaded it. Now in w5r3 - after work today - and loving it.

Be proud, run strong no matter how long it takes and good luck x


Welcome to the best decision that you will make.

I felt like you too at the start. I was worried that my running, and I use that term loosely, would be too slow, too fast, not look like running and that is look like a beetroot but to my surprise this didn't happen at all!!

I run round a local country park and everyone who I passed said morning or nodded their heads or smiled. All I did was return the greeting and carried on running. Pretty soon I realised that these people are just going around their business just as I was and that actually they might be a little jealous that I was running and they were only walking!!

Hold you head up high, put your earphones in, put your C25K on with your choice of music in the background and just do it.

People always judge other people but sometimes the biggest judgement comes from within so in the words of Elsa from Frozen "Let it go" and enjoy this running game.

Oh and keep posting here as these lovely people will give you every bit of encouragement and feel good vibes that you'll ever need 😊😊


Hi - I know what you mean but think it's true that everyone is so involved in their own thoughts that they don't really notice us. Maybe have a think about your route and opt for less busy such as back roads or you could drive somewhere and do the run from there.

I'm lucky that from my house there is a trail path and then a large park - so I can choose a route off the main paths. But with the nights getting darker I'm going to have to do more running through housing estates. I've been out for a walk and scoped a few route options - that aren't too hilly - and aren't too busy for the dark nights.

Feel proud of yourself that you're getting out there and doing it - and each week you'll get better and better!


Huge welcome to you! As Millsie-J has said.. all about taking it slowly and steadily and realising that folk are doing their own thing... :)

If they look, it is either, envy, awe, or they are runners thinking..." Wish I was running" :)

Take those rest days and listen to your body... always take it gently and know that each run will make you stronger!

So.... off you go! Post often too:)


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