😀First 10k achieved...bit of a wet one!

😀First 10k achieved...bit of a wet one!

As you can see from the photo, some of my lovely railway line run is pretty wet at the moment! Needless to say I ploughed on regardless, and despite having to slow up to go round and often through much of the water and mud on route, still managed to achieve a time of just over 1hr 06 mins! So pleased to have reached the magic distance that was my goal. Now looking forward to that first 10k event in March and have also signed up for a 10k Bluebell trail run in May! Trails are where my heart lies I think, as picking my way through muddy fields and woodland is where I find my happy place😀!

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  • Sounds brilliant Sandra, well done you! My physio has advised me not to run on uneven ground at the moment until my legs are stronger, but I bet a 10K Bluebell trail would be beautiful!

  • Excellent Sandra!! There's one of your goals for 2016 achieved already and it isn't even mid Jan yet. This is bound to be a good year for you

  • Well done Sandra! I agree, that looks like a blissful route.

  • Brilliant, the muddier the better. Looks similar but slightly wetter than my usual route but 10k is well out of reach for me and your time for those energy sapping trails is amazing.

  • Well done Sandra. Terrific job & a great time too. Trails are fun aren't they & a bluebell trail sounds just fab. ☺

  • Looks like a beautiful place to run. Well done on 10k.

  • Well done Sandra .... looks like a snorkel would have been useful.. great time considering there terrain and conditions

  • Hi Sandra this reminds me of where I live in rural Devon. I love walking muddy fields and paths with my dog but would be really nervous to run so I did my first run today on tarmac. Do you wear special shoes/ankle support or any other tips.

  • I do have trail running shoes Florence, but have to confess I still prefer my ASIC gel Kayanos! I am also becoming more adept at tackling the mud and the water although of course you do have to have your wits about you and pick your way through carefully in places! It's great for improving strength and balance too😀. If your just starting the programme I would say it's best to start off on tarmac, as you are doing. If you love a bit of the mucky stuff however, the call of the wild will beckon in time! Good luck😀.

  • That's brilliant news. Considering the conditions that's a really good time too for a first 10K. I've just done a 10K trail race today in not dissimilar conditions (your photo looks very like some of the "dry" part of the course - don't ask how bad the wet part was!) and some runners were putting in very similar times. You'll find a 10K road race in normal weather a doddle if you've run it on trail in conditions like they are at the moment.

  • Quote: "Trails are where my heart lies I think, as picking my way through muddy fields and woodland is where I find my happy place!"

    In that case you should really consider joining a club which has a cross country section. I think you might really enjoy it. It's nothing like cross country at school used to be. I vowed never to run cross country again when I left school. Some 40 plus years later and I find I'm loving it. I'm not sure that the washing machine agrees, however :(

  • Thanks Adam. Re trails: Over Christmas I ran with my sister (who is quite an experienced runner) and she said the same about the trails building up my strength and said I'd given her quite a work out when I took her on one of my local trails! Have never considered a club, not hugely confident in big groups and what about all those young 'whippersnappers' bouncing around in half my time!!

    Today's run has given me a huge boost however, so who knows what lies ahead?

  • Clubs are not all about young whipper snappers. Yes they are there, but there is also a huge phalanx of older, more sedate runners (who tend to have devious tactics for keeping the whipper snappers under control - like sending the long way round when necessary). I was very nervous about joining one. I thought I'd be hanging off the back and slowing everyone down when I first went, but was shocked to find that it wasn't the case. There are other runners who are much slower. What joining a club has done for me is to give me a chance to sample other types of running, and also brought me on a long way.

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