My second 10k but one full of firsts……

My second 10k but one full of firsts……

It has been just over 4 weeks since I ran my first 10k and this morning when I awoke to a beautiful blue, cloudless sky and sun streaming through my bedroom window I knew today was the day for it. What to wear? Well that was easy, a short sleeve top (first this year) so it had to be my 5x50 t-shirt (first time worn) and my new running sunglasses (first outing for them)!! I felt good and raring to go! 8-)

I decided I wanted a different route today for variation so went in the opposite direction to my normal run and just hoped it wouldn’t be too hilly as I didn’t really have anything in mind as to where I would go, just follow my nose really and enjoy it. So a new route, another first! I also ran with music again after a long time not doing so and really think it helped; I was in a happy place and the music helped maximise that feeling and my legs!! :)

The route ended up being great – lots of flat running with a few steeper bits thrown in for good measure which I just seemed to run with ease and no effort, another first! Everything was just falling into place, amazing! As I was approaching one of those steeper parts I saw a park with a fair number of runners in it so decided to divert and join them. What a lovely park it was, hidden in a very urban part of town, but so peaceful and tranquil – I will definitely be returning to this one! As I didn’t really know it I decided to follow another runner and see where it took me and then to my next first – some trail running through a small woodland for about 1.5k! Beautiful! :)

On leaving the park I was ready for the hill and breezed it. So homeward bound now along some busy roads when I then started to feel a bit of pain under my big toe and when I got home I found I had a nice blister – another first!! Damn! Running since August last year and this is the first one I have had :( Thank goodness it was towards the end of the run……

So with legs starting to tire I was glad I was near home and when I checked my time I couldn’t believe it – 10k in 1hr 4mins!!! A PB knocking 5 mins off my original 10k!!! So another first! Very happy bunny :D

A fantastic run on a glorious day and I feel good! What more could you ask for really……

Enjoy your weekend peeps cos I certainly intend too!!

Sue :)


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27 Replies

  • Oh Sue, that's brilliant, well done you and so fantastic to find a great new route. I read this just after posting my blog and saw so many parallels with the morning I've had! (also i have blisters too!) What a fantastic day, there have been some great runs posted on here, it just shows the difference some sunshine makes! Have a great weekend! :)

  • Thank you so much Hilary! I just read yours too and will be posting a reply in a moment....

    Yes a brilliant day and so many PB's is certainly that spring weather giving us a skip in our step! ;) Have a super weekend too and revel in your glory!


  • Amazing Sue - 5mins off! And doesn't it feel great when everything falls Into place and you can just run and enjoy!


  • Thank you! It certainly does dottie! I wish every run could be like that.... :)

  • Brilliant blog, Sue. I'm happy for you that you discovered a new park to run in and to get a new PB ;-)

  • Thanks Sheila! I am on such a high right now that I would like to actually try and do this every weekend as my long run and just do short 5k's in the week maybe with some interval training in the park now that it is light after work. That's the intention, lets see how it goes though... ;)

  • Brilliant, well done! It's very exciting to get these step changes in your best times .... it's a real confidence booster

    I've not tackled 10k yet but also posted on Malcy's thread about it. What sort of step up would you say it is?

  • Thanks Rob! Yes it is a real boost you are right; I feel I can take anyone on at the moment....even with a blister! :D

    I took it easy and just upped my distance by 10% or so each week until I got there which felt right for me. But with you running 5k everyday for 50 days (awesome btw!) I think you would be able to tackle a quite big step up to 10k but you still dont want to push it and if you are feeling niggles its best to drop it back a bit. You will get there I'm sure so when the challenge has finished make that your next goal. You have the determination thats for sure :)


  • Wow Sue, great, my heroine! Love the glasses! xox

  • Awh thanks Delia, that is so lovely of you! :) Whenever you need rescuing just give me a call!! ;) Glasses were so good in the sunshine; definitely reccommend getting some!

    S xoxo

  • As an academic, I learnt a long long time ago, that, yes, it's great when people tell you are clever and that your work is good, but if they tell you you've got good legs, a pretty smile and nice sunglasses, that's what realy matters! In good humour Delia xxx

  • Absolutely!! I second that! ;)


  • Well done Sue and a great blog!

    Susie x

  • Thank you Susie!


  • Fantastic run by the sounds of it and five minutes off your PB, it's funny how PBs come when your aren't expecting them. Love the fact that we are starting to be able to wear summer stuff :-)

    HM? ;-)

  • :D :D You are determined to get your own back on me arent you Phil!! I wont say never but maybe once the 10k's get more regular and easier I will start upping the just never know! I might be biting at your heels yet! ;)

    Feeling the sun on my skin was just the best! So overdue.....


  • Only teasing !! But your softening already ;-)

  • Lovely blog, Sue - and lovely pic in t-shirt and sunnies :) How nice to have found a new venue for running as well, with new trails. It sound like a wonderful day - taking 5 whole minutes of your PB is brilliant! May you have many more great days like this - you deserve them :)

  • Thanks so much Annie, I appreciate your kind words!


  • A lovely blog and to achieve that time for 10k is simply fantastic! It makes such a difference seeing the blue sky, and clearly the challenge has added some strength to your muscles :) Well done Suex

  • Forgot to say, lovely photo of you in the T shirt :D

  • Thank you Theresa! I think the challenge has helped, you are right :) Exercise DVD to work on upper body and abs - forget the legs today! ;)


  • You look so cute in your 5X50 shirt and sunglasses!!!! Happy you could have decent weather and try them both out. Congratulations on super duper time with the 10K!!!!! :-) I hope the little footsie is healing nicely from the blister. I assumed, like you, if you could go this long without one, you probably could stay safe from the nasty little fellows. You're doing a fantastic job Sue with the running and doing the daily 5X50 challenge! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle! Yes we have had a change in the weather; 20c tomorrow so maybe another run with the sunnies! 8-) It all helps with the running. Hope your weather is improving? Footsie is on the mend. Blister was right underneath the toe so a bit sore to walk on at first :(

    Thanks for your kind words; you are both doing great too!


  • I hope the sun is shining there! We woke to snow on the ground and icy streets! Unheard of in this area for April! I think someone messed with Mother Natures meds. ;-) Keep up the great job Sue!!!!! :-) BTW: Don't think I'm ignoring you! I never received a notification you responded to this thread, I just happened onto it.

  • Wow! That is not good! :( Yep, she is deffo having hormone problems, you are right! ;)

    I never thought it at all Gayle; strange though but I remember this happening before.... We need to get Malcy onto it! :D


  • I have just realised why.... I didnt "reply to this" ! Doh!!

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